Shaping the future of the Warner School

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The Warner Priorities initiative—aimed at ‘re-imagining’ how we do research, connect with the community, prepare practitioners and researchers, focus on equity and inclusion, and structure our organizational environment—has gathered ideas from members of the Warner School of Education, University of Rochester, and the Greater Rochester community for creating a vision for the future that is transformative and inclusive in Warner’s planning and decision-making. These ideas will help to shape who and what the Warner School becomes while embodying its mission as a research school of education. 
To help arrive at those priorities for the 2021-22 academic year, Warner leadership identified 10 broad themes into the five interwoven areas that represent the most popular ideas submitted by the community:

  • Develop capacity & opportunity
  • Foster collaborations & partnerships
Community Engagement
  • Position Warner as a resource for other institutions
  • Foster and support community engagement efforts
Preparing Practitioners & Researchers
  • Review Warner’s academic programs
  • Attract diverse applicants
Equity & inclusion
  • Increase access for our diverse students 
  • Attract diverse researchers, educators, and staff
Organizational Environment 
  • Create a sustainable work culture 
  • Improve communication channels
Learn more about the Warner Priorities initiative and read the full report here
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