Educational Leadership Programs Meet New Requirements

Warner's programs leading to school administrative certification have been reregistered with New York State, in accordance with the State's new requirements. The change affects all programs leading to NYS certification in school administration.

The new requirements include a more intensive internship that lasts the equivalent of 15 weeks full time. Course content has been revised and a new course on the superintendency has been added to add more differentiation between the building level and district level certification options.

John Eckhardt, former superintendent of the Canandaigua City School District and Brighton School District, and adjunct professor at Warner has been added as a half-time faculty member to teach courses that meet the new requirements and oversee the new internships.

The restructuring has received approval from the state, and students admitted this fall will begin in the new programs. Students registered in the old school administration programs will continue with their planned program of study, but must complete their program by September 2, 2006.

Tags: educational leadership