Wednesday Lunch Talk - The Future of Mind/Body Counseling in Healing Chronic Pain—With Video Recording

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
12-1 PM
WATCH: The Future of Mind/Body Counseling in Healing Chronic Pain

Doug GuiffridaIn this talk, Professor Douglas Guiffrida will describe the mind/body counseling approach that he uses to help clients heal from chronic pain. He will outline chronic pain conditions that lend themselves to this approach, strategies for incorporating mind/body techniques, and limitations of traditional approaches to chronic pain. Information about the new Advanced Certificate in Mind/Body Healing and Wellness will also be provided.

For disability-related accommodations, please contact Mary Judge Diegert at (585) 275-2454 or email

The Warner School of Education hosts weekly lunch talks on most Wednesdays during the Spring and Fall Semesters. 

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