Beyond the 3 R's


ED 400 Topics in Teaching and Schooling

Several sessions will be held in the Spring 2004 semester as part of Ed 400 Topics in Teaching and Schooling, taught by Meg Callahan. The course addresses specific topics related to teaching and schooling that the Warner School has identified as important in preparing pre-service teachers to become successful, critically reflective education professionals.

Warner faculty, students, and staff, as well as the University of Rochester community and the public, are invited to attend the following sessions.

February 12 Collaborative Teaching Partnerships
Speakers: Ann Monroe-Baillargeon, Warner School and Dan Osborn/Brian Burley, Victor Schools

February 19 Character and Values Education
Speakers: Howie Kirschenbaum, Warner School

February 26 Making the Most of Key Relationships: Administrators and Parents
Speakers: Susan Meier, Greece Odyssey principal and Chris Reddy, Greece Odyssey parent

March 4 Interviewing for Teaching Positions
Speakers: Ruth Anne Vitagliano, Warsaw Schools Readings

March 11 New Teacher Panel
Speakers: Area teachers in years 1-3 answer your questions and share their experiences. Readings

March 18 Beyond the 3 R’s: School to Work Programs
Speakers: Jack Hurley, Marshall High School Readings

March 25 Beyond the 3 R’s: Title IX and Mandated Programs (Family and Consumer Science, Business, Technology, Health)
Speakers: Ann Mitchell, Greece Central Schools Readings


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