Wednesday Conversation - Real News, Fake News, Facts, and Alternatives: Our Epistemic Moment and its Educational Implications

Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Genrich-Rusling Room,LeChase 215

For generations, the primary arbiters of what’s true or false, how we know truth from falsehood, and who we trust to disseminate the truth have come from the institutions of journalism, academia, science, government, and law – for better and worse. Presently, convulsions abound in all of those institutions, corresponding with public mistrust in their capacities to adjudicate what we know and how we know it. For example, journalism is recast as “fake news” by those who find its outcomes unpalatable; and partisan mechanisms of motivated reasoning, ad-hominem attacks, misrepresentation and hyperbole, and appeals to ideological purity increasingly are used to discredit empirical evidence. What, then, are the educational consequences of these conditions? What should our educational aims, practices, and ends consist of, in our present epistemic moment? ;

Please join us for a conversation around these questions, facilitated by Kevin Meuwissen, Associate Professor of Teaching and Curriculum, whose current work examines young people’s political and meta-political thinking. Participants include Zeynep Soysal, an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rochester who studies social epistemology and truth in journalism, and Wayne Journell, a Professor of Education at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro who studies how educators mediate controversial political issues, truths, and falsehoods in school environments. 

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Coffee and dessert will be available. You are invited to bring your own lunch.

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