Commencement 2003

The Warner class of 2003 received their diplomas on Sunday, May 18 at the Interfaith Chapel

This year’s commencement speaker was one of the Ed.D candidates, Natalie Alford. Alford holds a B.S. from Rutgers and a Master of Divinity from Harvard. She is an ordained “itinerant elder” in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the highest designation of a minister.

Alford has held many positions, including the President’s Administrative Fellow at Harvard, Director of Initiatives and Program Manager of Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Senior Vice President of Operations for the Urban League of Rochester, and CEO of the Girl Scouts of the Genesee Valley.

Earning their Master of Science degrees are:

Bridget Antonelli
Kelly Barbic
Emily Bones
Lawanda Brown
Anna Burakowski
Carl Carmichiel
Amy Chambers
Leslie Chambers
Jennifer Coppola
Amy Costa
Gregory Day
Alison Demus
Lisa Devos
Sarah Duffy
Melanie Ernst
Pedro Espinoza
Karen Fischer
Lisa Foster
Maria Gangarossa
David Gass
Kristin Gentner
Kelly Gettings
Laura Glaser
Sarah Greco
Sean Hanna
Rebecca Hjort
Rabia Hos
Nicole Huben
Corey Johnson
Brandan Keaveny
Mee-chung Kim
Carla Kimura
Lisa Kowalski
Kerrie Littlejohn
Catrin Lloyd
Tamika Manns
Christopher Marino
Eugene Marino, Jr.
Holly Merrill
Sherri Micheli
Stephanie Miner
Mark Monti
Jennifer Musumeci
Tadge O’Brien
Leslie O’Dell
Brynne Ovalle
Semra Ozturkoglu
Jennifer Pennise
Michele Pioli
Leopolda Ramos
William Rasmussen
Mark Rendell
Cecilia Aguilar
DeNieko Ross
Patricia Roy-Petrick
Melissia Schmidt
Laura Shabel
Donna Smith
Rebecca Sprague
Albert Stevenson II
Jennifer Steward
Janice Theodorakis
William Thomas
Erin Toohill
Kera Vanham
Bethany Welch
Jenny Werner
Matthew Williams
Jana Wintish
Niole Zur

Leor Cohen earned a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Earning a Doctor of Education are:
Natalie Alford
Michael Christman
Raymond Giamartino, Jr.
Eleanor Rosenfield.

Judith Fonzi earned a Doctor of Philosophy

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