Ares Explores Networked Technology

Nancy Ares, assistant professor, had an opportunity to show Rochester Mayor William Johnson what technology in the classroom can provide to high school students during a student presentation at East High School in the Rochester City School District.

As part of a new project that explores the use of networked technologies in the classroom, Ares’ collaborating class at East High decided to answer Mayor Johnson’s call for assistance in addressing the problem of traffic congestion in the city. Using software on graphing calculators connected by wireless hubs, students worked together to simulate current traffic conditions and show possible alternatives. They presented their findings to Mayor Johnson during one of their mathematics classes.

East High is just one of the classrooms that is serving as a research and field-testing site for a system being developed by Texas Instruments, HubNet/Participatory Simulations, and SimCalc. Led by teachers and researchers, these simulations allow students to contribute to the realtime development of the classroom’s shared construction of a mathematical or science system, visually displayed on a screen in front of the class.

Classrooms using this technology provide important, unique contexts for examining participation of underserved students and issues of culture in design and use of educational technologies. Developers and researchers will use the findings to help create culturally relevant technology and refine the designs of their networked systems.

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