Counseling Students Organize Symposium

Warner counseling students organized the first annual Master’s Thesis Symposium in April at Rush Rhees Library. Developed as a way to share student work and present collective investments to community members, the event showcased thesis abstracts, posters, and visual works created by students.

Participants included Jenica Schmidt, Julie Donofrio, Cyndi Yantachka, Julia Lang, Jen Arelline, Callie Peros, Gina Reisinger-Verdin, Aaron Hittepole, Tonya Fox, Paul Lippa, Meghan Ryan, Nicole Baird, Courtney Parry, Stacy Fravel, Lisa Digiulio, Erica Thomas, Carol Amidon, Maggie Morganti, Sandra Curtis, Jamie Heard, Lyndsay Mishook, Christine Sergent, Marla Britton, Tracey Williams, Sarah Jaegar, Nicole Berardo, Jackie Ripson, Caitlin McConville, and Lisa Prefontaine.

The challenge of counseling to integrate personal troubles and public problems was illustrated in topics that included parenting support, advocacy for persons with developmental disabilities, and counseling strategies to change educational policy. The symposium was organized with the assistance of doctoral student Rachel Jordan; Cathy Ercolamento, secretary; Howard Kirschenbaum, professor; and Paul Stein, visiting assistant professor.

Tags: counseling, developmental disabilities, Howard Kirschenbaum, master's student experience, Paul Stein, symposium