Commencement 2005

Four awards were presented to Warner School master’s degree graduates at the 2005 commencement ceremony on May 15 at the Interfaith Chapel.

The Walter I. Garms Award for Educational Leadership, named in honor of Walter Garms, professor emeritus and former dean of the University of Rochester’s School of Education, and a leader in the study of both school finance and state funding in public schools, was awarded to Theodore Nathaniel Mancini in recognition of his academic excellence and his potential for excellence as a school administrator.

Linda Kathleen Caprio was the recipient of the Eleanore F. Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching in honor of Eleanore Larson, former professor, who taught both undergraduate and graduate students in the University of Rochester’s School of Education. Larson’s passion for instructional excellence inspired her students to embrace a strong commitment to the education of children. The Larson Award was given to Caprio in recognition of her passion and commitment to teaching that reflects Larson’s work.

The Harold Munson Counseling and Human Development Award was presented to Cyndi Marie Yantachka. The award, named for Harold Munson, professor emeritus, who initiated the school and community counseling program at the University of Rochester School of Education, and as chair, molded the program into one that school districts and community agencies in Rochester and Western New York hold in high regard, is given to the student who best reflects the mission and objectives of the Warner School counseling program.

Shannan Skye Reyes is this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Student in School Counseling Award, presented annually to a student in the school counseling program who has demonstrated excellent clinical skills along with a commitment to advocacy and systems change, and has displayed the knowledge, attitudes, and competencies that predict outstanding success as a school counselor.

Doctoral Dissertations for Degrees Conferred in 2005

Doctoral Dissertations for the Degree Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Mark Andrew Balsamo Assessing Principal Practices in a Standards-Based Environment and Examining the Association between Principal Practices and Student Achievement

Karen Leila Bibbins An Exploration of Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Diversity in the Therapeutic Recreation Curriculum

Kim Jane DyceFaucette Perceptions of the Efficacy of the National Policy Board for Educational Administration Standards in Guiding Principal Preparation: A Survey of New York State Principals

Colleen Leigh Gabauer Campus Politics and the College Novel

Marlaine (Sparki) Ervay Ortiz Mangals An Initial Validation of an Instrument to Measure Sexual Readiness

Necia Emerson Marchetti An Examination of Selected Job Factors that Influence New York State High School Assistant Principal Intentions to Apply for and Accept High School Principal Positions, if Offered

Susan M. Schultz Parents’ and Educators’ Perspectives of the Participation of “Twice-Exceptional Students” in Advanced Placement or College Level Learning Programs

Doctoral Dissertations for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Jason A. Dauenhauer Mindfulness Theory and Professional Family Caregivers in Long Term Care Facilities

Gloria E. Jacobs “urPart of It”: Portfolio People and Adolescent Use of Instant Messaging

Camille Anne Martina The Role of Institutional Agents in Disadvantaged Students’ Attainment of Academic Success

Catalina Novac Long-Term Traumatic Experiences of Imprisonment and Their Impact on the Well-Being of Political Prisoners of the Romanian Gulag

Shira M. Peterson Co-Constructing Scientific Explanations in Preschool

Paul E. Stein Social Life Under the Evacuation of Culture: Lost Minds, Demented Selves, and Social Solidarities

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