Summer Institute

Developing Mathematical Ideas: Making Meaning of Operations
August 8-12, 2005
Anyone interested in and/or teaching K-6 mathematics
Cost: $450/participant *Fee is covered for participants from the University of Rochester MSP and TLQP Project schools
Location: Twelve Corners Middle School, Brighton
Prerequisite: Participation in Developing Mathematical Ideas: Building a System of Tens

Using the Module 2 of Developing Mathematical Ideas, participants will examine young children's counting strategies as they encounter word problems, consider children's developing ideas of the four basic operations, and revisit the operations in the context of fractions. Participants will also examine the actions and situations modeled by addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; explore what students understand (and misunderstand) about the operations with whole numbers and fractions; and gain a deeper understanding of the number system and the ideas students need to develop to understand number and operations.

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