Summer Institute

Developing Mathematical Ideas: Building a System of Tens
August 1-5, 2005
Anyone interested in and/or teaching K-6 mathematics
Cost: $450/participant *Fee is covered for participants from the University of Rochester MSP and TLQP Project schools
Location: Twelve Corners Middle School, Brighton

This institute uses Module 1 of the Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) professional development program developed by Deborah Schifter, Virginia Bastable and Susan Jo Russell. In this first module participants examine children's thinking to uncover their conceptions and misconceptions about the base ten number system. Using video and written cases, participants will explore their own ideas about the base ten system, learn how the core ideas of the number system develop across the grades; examine student work and learn to recognize key ideas students grapple with; and enhance their capacity to ask questions that help students deepen their understanding of the base ten system.

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