President Seligman Kicks Off Institute

The Warner School was honored and privileged to have University President Joel Seligman provide the opening remarks and welcome to the 16th Annual Institute on Catholic Education. It was President Seligman's first public appearance since his press conference on his first day of office.

The two-day summer institute, held July 7 and 8, addressed key issues for the future and continuing vibrancy of Catholic education and focused on increasing intercultural understanding, enhancing the skills of Catholic educators, and investing in approaches that motivate students.

Titled "Catholic Education: Teaching Today, Shaping Tomorrow," the combination of lectures, discussions, and social conversation was designed for teachers, school administrators, youth ministers, church members, parents, and others interested in Catholic education.

The Institute marked the last official duties of Edwardine Weaver, RSM, who served as the director of the Warner School's Catholic leadership program for 18 years and retired June 30. Evelyn Kirst, the new director, spoke on behalf of the 130 educators in attendance at the Institute in paying tribute to Sr. Edwardine. "As you conclude your quest for quality Catholic School leadership through the program you began at the University of Rochester, and as you begin your next quest, we thank you for your hospitality, leadership, collaboration and service to children and to educators in Catholic schools. We will hold on to your vision and cherish your work."

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