Resume Writing Workshop for K12 Leadership Students

Monday, February 8, 2018

7:45 - 9:00 pm

LeChase Hall, Room 121

A polished, professional and flawless resume will open doors for K12 leadership students. A branded resume, one that tells a coherent story about you as an educator, opens more doors. Add the element of a targeted resume that addresses the challenges and needs of your audience and prospective employers, and you have the ingredients for an effective tool to get you interviews with the schools/employers that best match your “ideal” position. 
Led by Harriette Royer in Career Services, this workshop for leadership students could encompass the following:


  • Purpose and use of resumes in the job search 
  • Basic structure for a professional resume
  • Resume formats you might consider
  • How to apply your research to tailor your resume for your target role
  • Accomplishments - the building blocks of your Experience section
  • Branding your resume to tell your unique and compelling story
  • Sample resume examples
  • Warner resources
  • Next steps

For additional information, contact Harriette Royer at


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