New Advanced Certificate in K-12 Digitally-Rich Teaching

Are you a K-12 teacher or teacher candidate interested in learning how to better use digital spaces and resources to enhance your students’ learning opportunities? Are you interested in expanding your expertise in this area to make yourself more valuable to your school or more competitive on the job market?
Warner is pleased to introduce a new Advanced Certificate in K-12 Digitally-Rich Teaching, which is now approved by the NYS Education Department. This 12-credit certificate (3 courses and a practicum) can be taken as a stand-alone program or as part of a master’s in teaching or EdD program in school leadership or teaching and curriculum. For master’s students pursuing initial certification, the program may be completed with as little as one extra course and a practicum for most programs.  For EdD and master’s students pursuing professional certification and who already have initial certification, it may be possible to integrate this advanced certificate into your program with no or minimal additional coursework. 
As schools invest in personal computing devices for their students, learning managements systems, specialized software and apps, and a variety of digital resources, they are increasingly looking for tech-savvy educators who appreciate the transformative potential of digitally-rich teaching and learning.  They are looking for educators who can create student-centered learning activities that take full advantage of the technology and new understandings of the ways in which students learn and engage with technology and content. 
Learn more here or contact Dave Miller, assistant professor and program advisor, at 585-340-7557 or dmiller@warner.rochester.edu.