Public PhD Dissertation Defense: Donna Walck

PhD Candidate:  Donna Walck
Day, Date, and Time:  Wednesday, March 29, 9 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.
Location:  LeChase Hall 215
Dissertation:  Understanding Culturally Diverse Client Motivation from a Self-determination Theory Perspective Using a Critical Race Theory Lens
Sponsor:  Professor Martin Lynch
Independent Chair:  Professor Silvia Sorensen

The Warner School offers an option for PhD candidates to present a public lecture preceding the closed final defense of the dissertation.  A public lecture is part of the defense.  It replaces the presentation a candidate gives at the beginning of a closed defense.
The PhD candidate speaks no longer than 45 minutes during the public lecture, and will take questions from the audience as part of that lecture.  At the conclusion of the lecture, the audience is asked to leave the room.  The candidate, her/his committee, and the Independent Chair remain, with the Independent Chair conducting the dissertation defense.
Warner and University of Rochester students, faculty, and staff (as well as relatives and friends of the doctoral candidate) may attend the public lecture.  Unfortunately, children may not attend.

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