Wednesday Lunch Talk - Visual Storytelling: Photography Tips for Life and Work

It’s easy to take a photograph, but do your photographs tell rich stories?  How do you use photos to chronicle life? Work? How might you use photos to enhance your presentations? Communicate the value and energy of your research? We’ll talk though some basic concepts to improve your photography, whether you are using the latest dSLR or an iPhone, and ways to start envisioning what you shoot a little differently, with an eye to telling a story.  Whether it’s work or life, there are so many rich possibilities for capturing the world and our experiences. 
Laura Brophy is Assistant Dean and Director of Communications at the Warner School.  She provides photographic services for the school and has extensive experience photographing in k12 schools.  She loves portraiture and documenting her family’s life and travels.  She’ll share images and lessons learned along the way. 

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