Poster Session

Research Proposal Poster Session
ED 506 Concepts and Issues in Social Science Research
December 8, 2005 from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m.
Gowen Room, Wilson Commons

The students in ED 506 Concepts and Issues in Social Science Research will be presenting the research proposals that they have developed for the course. The proposals cover a wide range of topics and designs, including:

  • Effects of culturally responsive pedagogy on learning of Somali immigrants who are elementary school students
  • Effects of changing high school starting times on student achievement
  • Impacts of NCLB on social stratification
  • Increasing parent involvement in an urban charter school
  • Using computer technologies to foster enhanced English language learning in rural communities in India
  • Relations among juvenile delinquency, sexual abuse, and mothers’ parenting styles in adolescent girls lives
  • Experiences of domestic violence as predictors of bullying at school
  • Increasing women’s participation in science and other technical careers through implementing problem-based learning in high schools
  • Impacts of multiple-intelligences based curriculum on achievement
  • Features of positive relationships between adults and youth that moderate contexts that produce youths labeled as “at risk”

Please join us to browse the posters, learn about the good work emerging from students’ collaborative efforts, and share refreshments that we will provide.

ED 506 is taught by Nancy Ares, assistant professor.

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