Monroe-Baillargeon, O'Connor Receive Funding

Ann Monroe-Baillargeon, assistant professor, recently received a $21,000 grant from the New York Higher Education Support Center (HESC) for Systems Change, an initiative of the Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities within the State Education Department. Monroe-Baillargeon serves as liaison for the HESC’s midwest region, a collaborative consortium of faculty in inclusive education from colleges and universities throughout the midwest region of New York State.

Members of the consortium work to support each other and the needs of K-12 schools in the area. Information shared during regular regional meetings help to maintain and increase ongoing partnerships with high-needs schools in the region and promote inclusive

Planned activities for the region in 2006 include a presentation by a nationally recognized authority in inclusive education to area K-12 teachers, administrators, faculty, and parents, and faculty development initiatives which encourage co-teaching and guest lecturing partnerships.

Kevin O’Connor, assistant professor, has received an award of $62,649 from the University of Washington’s Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education (CAEE). As part of this NSF-funded project, O’Connor will continue his work with the Academic Pathways Study, an ethnographic project that seeks to provide a comprehensive account of how students become engineers. O’Connor has been centrally involved in the study, planning and leading several CAEE-wide workshops on qualitative and ethnographic research methods, since 2003.

Along with ongoing data analysis, this funding will extend the national impact of CAEE as O’Connor will conduct and analyze additional interviews with students at the University of Rochester. Warner doctoral students Lisa Perhamus and Derek Seward will work with O’Connor on this research.

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