Wednesday Lunch Hour - Adolescent Social Responsibility: How It Develops and How to Foster It

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Noon - 12:50 pm
Genrich-Rusling Room, LeChase 215

Social responsibility is a value orientation that prioritizes contributing to the greater good of society and is often manifested through civic engagement. Using data from a three-year longitudinal study of adolescents ages 10 to 18, analyses are presented that (1) document a developmental trajectory of social responsibility values across adolescence, and (2) investigate the dynamic role of family, school, peer, and neighborhood contexts in predicting changes in adolescents' social responsibility. Discussion will focus on directions for future research and implications for applied work.

Presented by Laura Wray-Lake, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester.

A light lunch of stromboli and salad will be served. Food will be available at 11:45 am. The program starts promptly at noon.

Tags: adolescents, Laura Wray-Lake, social responsibility, Warner Wednesday Talk