Video: Engaging Students Inside the Classroom, and Out

Project LEAP (Literacy Engagement and Achievement Program) is a literacy program for students in grades K-3 that provides personal attention for kids that need it most. The statistics are dire. Only 10 percent of African-American males and 9 percent of Latino males in Rochester are graduating from high school, the lowest in the country. For those reading at grade level by the third grade however, the odds become much higher.

For this reason, the Warner School and North East Area Development (NEAD) have teamed up to offer this afterschool literacy program at John James Audubon School 33. The hope is that this added support to these students will lead to better outcomes down the line.

In addition to the programs inside the classroom, these two organizations are also working at coming to the students and parents at home as well. The home visit aspect of the program offers families with children that participate in Project LEAP the opportunity to meet with Warner students and NEAD volunteers to assess what's working with the program (and sometimes what's not), and how the students are doing with their reading.

This added dimension to the literacy program gives the teams some insight not only into what kind of learning is happening at school, but what kind of support they have at home. It also gives parents a chance to voice concerns and get some support from outside that they may need to help mentor their child.

NEAD LogoThe project has been part of a collaborative effort between the Warner School and NEAD, which has been going on for more than five years. It's a partnership that has a long-term vision of addressing the many needs of the community just as education and poverty by combining grassroots, neighborhood based services with the knowledge and best practices that are developed through years of research at the University.

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