Leadership, Thought, and Policy Program Redesigned

The Ph.D. in Leadership, Thought, and Policy underwent a formal review process last year and has been redesigned to emphasize the design, implementation, and analysis of policy responses at all levels of education and to provide additional interdisciplinary options to students. Renamed Educational Policy and Theory, the program is directed by Kara Finnigan, assistant professor, and is designed for students aspiring to be in academic, governmental, or research institute settings.

The program emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed to analyze the long-term societal consequences of policies and the inequitable effects of policies on specific populations. Through a combination of core coursework and electives, students will create a program through which they examine education policy problems in relation to political, economic, historical, or social contexts. In addition, students will learn methodological approaches, both quantitative and qualitative, to policy research.

Tags: educational policy and theory, Kara Finnigan