Wednesday Lunch Hour -Building a Virtual St. George's: History, Education, and the Promises of Videogames

What would it be like to go back in time and visit a mid-Atlantic seaport on the eve of the American Revolution? What would it look like? What can we learn? And how would one go about building such a thing? Michael Jarvis' talk reflects on the promises and challenges of doing reconstructive interactive digital history in Bermuda (a key maritime hub in the early modern Atlantic world) and invites you to help shape this project in its current, early stage of development.

Presented by Michael J. Jarvis, Associate Professor of History and Director of the Digital Media Studies Program at the University of Rochester.

A light lunch of pizza and salad will be served. Food will be available at 11:45 pm. The program starts promptly at noon.

Tags: Michael J. Jarvis, Warner Wednesday Talk