The Center for Professional Development and Education Reform Offers New Online Professional Learning Services

The Center for Professional Development and Education Reform has been contributing to the Warner School’s growing online learning initiative by offering new online professional learning opportunities for educators, teachers, and administrators.
These new professional learning services are providing educators with online technology, tools, interaction, and more flexibility to participate without boundaries of location and time while maintaining high quality experiences for all. And these experiences are designed to fit into the busy schedules of today’s educators.
Educators can choose from new online synchronous courses and online video coaching to expand their content knowledge, explore new strategies, try out new instructional practices, and earn continuing education credits. 
Launched in spring 2015, the online workshops for “Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions” were designed to provide an orientation to high-level discourse practices and their relevance to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). Educators engage in online professional learning experiences that center around productive classroom discourses and respond to the need for high-leverage practices.
A new online video coaching program, which includes synchronous and asynchronous components, provides high-impact feedback to individual teachers, especially those working in rural districts. The online video coaching uses Swivl, a new technology that captures classroom videos that are then reviewed and analyzed by the coach and teacher in an online space. With similar properties to traditional face-to-face coaching, the coach and teacher collaborate on lesson planning and reflect on post-lesson instruction through Skype conversations. This program eliminates the need for travel time and expenses, and increases the number of teachers impacted by high-quality coaching. 
To learn more about the online professional learning services offered through the Center, contact Stephanie Martin at smartin@warner.rochester.edu or call 585-319-9294.

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