Warner Faculty Contribute Opinion Essay in District Administration

Associate Professor Kara Finnigan, UR/East EPO Superintendent Shaun Nelms, alumna and Brockport Superintendent Lesli Myers ’92 (BA), ‘93W (MS), and Brighton Superintendent Kevin McGowan recently published an article in District Administration (DA) on how educational leaders can help promote inclusivity in schools. (Both Nelms and McGowan currently serve as adjunct faculty members at Warner.)

Based on data from the Urban-Suburban Interdistrict Transfer Program (USITP) study, the article, “Confronting Race, Racism and Privilege in Schools,” examines how students experience race in the majority white suburbs and the steps school leaders should take to address this, including: confronting race; targeting professional development and training; and aligning beliefs, practices, and policy.

Read their article http://www.districtadministration.com/article/confronting-race-racism-and-privilege-schools. 

Tags: K-12 school leadership, Kara Finnigan, race, racism, Shaun Nelms