Career Services - Alternative Careers for Teachers

May 07, 2015
3:30p.m. to 5:00p.m.
Genrich-Rusling Room, 215 LeChase

Are you wondering what else you could do with your teaching credentials while waiting for that perfect teaching job? What if you could prepare yourself for alternatives to teaching as you complete your Warner program? Are you aware of the choices you may have?
This 90 minute interactive session may be worth your attention. Developed jointly by Lynne Kirst, Assistant Director of Admissions, and Harriette Royer, the new career professional at Warner, the session exposes you to creative ideas about careers where your teaching education would be valued, and introduces you to resources for exploring potential alternatives. This session may be especially attractive to international students whose choices are somewhat limited by their visas.

Pre-registration is requested so that sufficient materials and a pre-session reading can be arranged. Bring a curious spirit and desire to explore new ideas - sign up today!

Registration is required and space is limited. Sign up by contacting Lynne Kirst at

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