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Curry to Co-Edit New Book Series on Knowledge Production

Picture of Mary Jane Curry Mary Jane Curry, associate professor of language education at the Warner School, has been appointed co-editor of a new book series, Studies in Knowledge Production and Participation, which will examine questions arising from the wide range of genres in which academic and scientific knowledge is being produced and communicated today.
In addition, with the proliferation of blogs, wikis, Twitter feeds and other digital platforms, the production of all kinds of vernacular and indigenous knowledge has increased dramatically, Curry said, raising fundamental questions about what is counted as knowledge, how it is recognized and rewarded, and who has access to producing, distributing and using knowledge.
Curry will co-edit the series with Theresa Lillis, professor of English language and applied linguistics at The Open University, United Kingdom. Curry collaborates with Lillis in researching how scholars in non-English speaking countries are responding to the growing pressure to publish their academic work in English. (Read more about the research project.)
One of the key aims of the series is to include work by scholars located outside the 'center,' Curry noted, and to include work written in innovative styles and formats.
The books will be published by Multilingual Matters, an international independent publishing house in Bristol, United Kingdom, which also has lists in the areas of bilingualism, second/foreign language learning, sociolinguistics, translation and books for parents.
(Featured in the March 20, 2015 issue of Research Connections)

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