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Joanne Larson Tackles the WHY TEACH? Question on WXXI Connections

Joanne LarsonProfessor Joanne Larson, along with two UR graduates and current teachers John Baynes '75 (BA), from Fairport, and Emmy Thevanesan '12W (CAS), from Spencerport,  was a guest on the WXXI "Connections" radio show on Feb. 26, with the segment focused on a series of education discussions. Larson tackled the question, "WHY TEACH?," during the discussion and gave a glimpse of what the upcoming WHY TEACH? event will cover.

To listen to the show, click HERE or visit: http://wxxinews.org/post/connections-previewing-our-new-pet-show-education-discussions.  (Larson joined the show around the 37-minute mark.)

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