Wednesday Lunch Hour - Teaching Candidates' Perceptions of and Experiences with Early Implementation of the edTPA Assessment in New York and Washington States

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Noon - 12:50 pm
Genrich-Rusling Room, LeChase 215

We report on the findings of a study on the perceptions and experiences of pre-service teacher candidates in New York State and Washington State, who took the edTPA examination in 2014. The edTPA is a performance assessment of teaching used variously by some state education departments (SEDs) and institutions of higher education (IHEs) for licensure testing and evaluating teaching candidates. Only two states (NYS and WS) have used it for high-stakes purposes, though other states plan to do so within the next two years. We explored 100 teaching candidates' perceptions of and preparation for the edTPA via their teacher education programs and student teaching placements. We discuss the tensions between edTPA as a learning experience and a high-stakes assessment.

Presented by faculty members Kevin Meuwissen and Jeffrey Choppin and graduate students Hairong Shang and Katie Cloonan

Light lunch served. Food available at 11:45 am. Program starts promptly at noon.

Tags: assessment, New York State, Warner Wednesday Talk, Washington State