Video Chronicles the Genesee Valley Writing Project

Every summer, the Warner School of Education hosts a month-long Genesee Valley Writing Project (GVWP) workshop for teachers from all different levels, to discuss their approach to writing curriculum. As the teachers discuss ideas about how to teach their students more effectively and give each other feedback, they are also working on their own personal writing interests, which most of them can't find the time for during the school year.

It's all part of a program that is happening in other places across the country, with the shared goal in mind of improving the way writing is taught in schools, and making it more enjoyable for both teachers and students.

At the end of that month, some of the teachers stick around for another week of writing, this time for middle and high school students who sign up to spend some of their vacation exploring their own writing interests. Unlike during the school year, there are no assignments or requirements for students or teachers to strictly adhere to, which some find can dilute the creative process at times.

While others might eschew anything academic in those fleeting summer months, this time of exploration, reflection and development is one that teachers and students alike say they value. They see it as an opportunity to accomplish those things that they might not otherwise have the time for, and when school does start up again, they feel more prepared than they otherwise would be.
For more information on the Genesee Valley Writing Project, led by Professor Joanne Larson of the Warner School, click here or visit: www.warner.rochester.edu/researchprojects/projects/GVWP.
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