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Coverage of East EPO Partnership


13WHAM-TV (Sept. 19),East superintendent recognized by FBI
WROC-TV (Sept. 19),East High Superintendent Shaun Nelms honored with FBI award
Spectrum News (Sept. 19), East High Superintendent recognized for combating crime, drugs, violence in Rochester
WHEC-TV (Sept. 19),East High School superintendent receives award for role in combating gun violence
WXXI News (Sept. 19),Educators Kevin McGowan and Shaun Nelms honored

Spectrum News (Sept. 7), "How East High is helping students deal with ongoing violence in Rochester"

WROC-TV (June 22), "East High graduates find 'good-paying' jobs in $3B precision optics industry

13WHAM-TV (May 20), "East High Mural Honors Civil Rights Leaders"

WROC-TV (May 19), "Rochester Celebrates Mural of Civil Rights Leaders at East High School"

WXXI News (May 19), "Mural Completed Outside East HS Honoring Malcolm X, Minister Franklin Florence and Constance Mitchell"

WHEC-TV (May 18), "New Mural Unveiled at East High"

WROC-TV (May 16), "East Cutting Edge Barbershop Recognized by New York State"

WHEC-TV (May 16), "East High's Barbershop Earns Champions of Change Award"

13WHAM-TV (May 16), "Bright Spot: Career Development"

Democrat & Chronicle (May 13), "Photos: See the Mural of Malcolm X Being Painted at East High"

Democrat & Chronicle (May 13), "Malcolm X Mural Honoring His Rochester Speech Nearly Complete at East High School"

13WHAM-TV (March 8), "Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program Hosts Signing Day at East High"

WROC-TV (May 5), "Rochester Artist Paints Huge Malcolm X Mural at East High School"

WHEC-TV (Jan. 9), "RCSD Schools Host Vaccine Clinics"

WHEC-TV (Jan. 7), "Vaccination Clinics by Monroe County and RCSD Start Friday"


13WHAM-TV (Dec. 16), "Community Effort to Say 'Thank You' to First Responders"

Spectrum Networks/Capital Tonight (Dec. 14), "East High's Journey of Addressing Generational Poverty in Rochester"

City Newspaper (Nov. 16), "East High-UR Partnership is Extended"

Rochester Beacon (Nov. 16), "UR Partnership with East High Extended"

WXXI News (Nov. 16), "East High-UR Partnership is Extended"

WHEC-TV (Nov. 16), "U of R and East High School Partnership Renewed"

WDKX (Nov. 16), "East High School Partnership with the University of Rochester Will Continue Through 2025"

Spectrum News (Oct. 30), "CHAMPP Program Aims to Keep Students on Track Through Athletics"

WDKX-FM (Oct. 28), "East High School has a New Barbershop Located on Campus"

Spectrum News (Oct. 25), "Barbershop Opens in Rochester School Thanks to Volunteers"

WHEC-TV (Oct. 25), "New Barbershop Opens at East High School"

13WHAM-TV (Oct. 25), "East High Opens Barbershop for Students"

WROC-TV (Oct. 25), "East High School Opens First-of-its-kind On-campus Barbershop in Rochester

Rochester Business Journal (Oct. 13), "Nelms has Found a Path to Success at East High"

Spectrum News (June 17), "East High School Holds Its First Juneteenth"

WXXI (April 21), "Efforts are Underway to Create Mural of Constance Mitchell at East High School"

Minority Reporter (March 24), "East to Host Virtual Job Fair During Break Week"

WHEC-TV (March 24), "East to Host Virtual Job Fair During Spring Break"

Spectrum News (March 23), "East High EPO Supt. Nelms Influencing Educational Reform"

Education Week (March 23), "How COVID-19 Will Make Fixing America\'s Low-Performing Schools Even Harder"

13WHAM-TV (January 7), "After U.S. Capitol Chaos, Local Teachers Engage in Crucial Conversations with Students"


(August 12), "U of R Given $2.5M Grant to Expand East High Math Program\'s Success"

Minority Reporter (August 11), "East High Program to Get Boost From Federal Grant"

WHEC-TV (July 18), "East High Superintendent Remembers Meeting John Lewis"

WXXI News (June 22), "University of Rochester, City Schools to Continue Partnership for Three More Years

13WHAM-TV (June 22), "East High Partnership for RCSD, U of R Gets Three-Year Extension

WHEC-TV (June 22), "East High, U of R Receivership Extended Through 2023"

Democrat & Chronicle (June 19), "Juneteenth Day Youth Poetry Slam at Highland Bowl

WHEC-TV (June 14), "Rochester In Focus: East High Superintendent Prepares Students, Parents, and Teachers to Address Racism"

Spectrum News (May 11), "\'Bittersweet\' Day as East High Students Return to Clean Out Lockers"

13WHAM-TV (April 16), "East High Teachers Show Support for Students with Thursday Parade"

WHEC-TV (Aril 16), "East Teachers Hold Parade for Students"

WHEC-TV (April 15), "East High School Superintendent Calls Out Dade on Proposed Cuts"

13WHAM-TV (April 15), "East High Superintendent Fears Proposed $6 Million Cut Would End U of R Partnership"

Democrat & Chronicle (April 2), "Two Rochester-Area Teachers Share a Typical Day in Atypical Times"

13WHAM-TV (March 26), "East High School Delivers Hundreds of Laptops to Students to Help Stay Connected

WXXI News (March 24), "East High Bringing the Classroom to Students at Home During Pandemic"

Democrat & Chronicle (Feb. 28), "RCSD, UR Renew East High School Partnership for Five Years"

WROC-TV (Feb. 28), "East High and University of Rochester Renew Partnership"

WXXI News (Feb. 28), "RCSD-University of Rochester Partnership With East HS is Extended"

WROC-TV (Feb. 27), "East High\'s Success Tied to Longtime Coach Darrell Barley"

WROC-TV (Feb. 26), "Black History Was Brought to Life for Teenagers at East High

WHEC-TV (Feb. 25),, Do the Right Thing: Eigth-Grader Uses Her Time to Help Others

WHEC-TV (Feb. 25),, East High Hosts Discussions for Black History Month

WROC-TV (Feb. 11), "Hidden History: Celebrating Black History Month in Rochester"

13WHAM-TV (Feb. 6), "East High Superintendent\'s Office Transformed Into Dental Clinic"

Talker of the Town (Jan. 14),
?fbclid=IwAR1xe4zMk9vfN-S7NQqLvLYayfZpSQ94Rrqhsf_31DTmpesks_AQhOu6AxM, \'The Legacy Project: The Eyes of Our Ancestors;\' A Shared Vision Made Real at East High School

WHEC-TV (Jan. 9), "'The Legacy Project: The Eyes of Our Ancestors' Unveiled at East High School"

Minority Reporter (Jan. 9), "East High Students Find Themselves Under the Watchful Eyes of History"

13WHAM-TV (Jan. 9), "Legacies Preserved at East High School"

WXXI News (Jan. 9), "Portrait Series Honors Historical Leaders of Color


13WHAM-TV (Dec. 19), "East High Students Sing Christmas Tunes for Seniors Thursday"

American Educator (Winter 2019-20), "Understanding Chronic Absenteeism: A Partnership Between East and the University of Rochester has Reduced Student Absenteeism"

Democrat & Chronicle (Dec. 9), "Why Rochester Students Walked Out of Classes: 'We Will be the Voice for Our Schools'"

WXXI News (Dec. 9), "East High Students Protest RCSD Budget Cuts"

Spectrum News (Dec. 9), "RCSD Students Walk Out in Support of Teachers"

WXXI News (Nov. 19), "Rochester Community Discusses Racial Equity at \'How to be an Anti-Racist\' Event"

City Newspaper (Nov. 8), "Four City Schools in Receivership Show Improvement

WXXI News (Nov. 8), "The State Says 14 'Struggling Schools\' Are Making Progress'"

EdSurge (Oct. 21), "How Partnering With a Local University Saved This School From Closure

Spectrum News (Oct. 16), "East High Student Donates Clothes to Classmate"

Connect NY | WCNY (Oct. 3), " Interview with Dr. Shaun Nelms on Trauma Informed Education" (Radio Segment)

Connect NY | WCNY (Oct. 1), "Interview with Dr. Shaun Nelms on Trauma Informed Education" (TV Segment)

Minority Reporter (Sept. 11), "East High Students Get Something Else to Make Them Smile"

Democrat & Chronicle (Aug. 14),, RCSD Graduation Rate Rises to 58%; East Hits 65%

13WHAM-TV (Aug. 14), "RCSD Officials Tout Increased Graduation Rates, but Add There is No \'Mission Accomplished\'"

WXXI News (Aug. 14), "Rochester City School District Graduation Rates Climb"

City Newspaper (Aug. 14), "RCSD Grad Rates Climb

Spectrum News (Aug. 14), "Graduation Rates Reach 10-Year High Across RCSD"

WXXI-AM (July 19), "Connections: Discussing the University of Rochester EPO\'s Progress Report for East High School"

Minority Reporter (July 3), "East\'s Shaun Nelms Leads ROC the Future Convener Board"

WXXI-TV (Jun 28), "Need to Know: What is East High\'s Next Chapter?"

13WHAM-TV (June 26), "East High School Student Credits Partnership with U of R for Helping Him Graduate"

WROC-TV (June 20), "Not Your Normal Retirement Plan: Senior Couple Refurbishes Instruments for Students in Need"

The Education Trust-New York (May 2019), " Educator Diversity Playbook" 

WHEC-TV (May 13), " > East High Honoring Literacy All-Star Students" 

Spectrum News (May 13), "East High Student Recognized for Outstanding Progress in Reading

13WHAM-TV (May 13), "East Student Receives National Honor for Success in the Classroom

Spectrum News (May 13), "East High, U of R Extend Partnership for Next 5 Years"

WXXI News (May 10), "East High-University of Rochester Partnership Renewed

City Newspaper (May 10), "East\'s Partnership with UR Extended"

13WHAM-TV (May 10), "School Leaders Say Pricey East High, UR Partnership is Paying Off

Democrat & Chronicle (May 10),, RCSD, UR Extend Agreement at East High School

Rochester Beacon (May 6), "The Positive Trajectory of the UR-East High Partnership"

WHEC-TV (May 1),, East Lower School Student Receives National 180 Award

13WHAM-TV (April 16), "What\'s Next for East High\'s Partnership with UR?"

WXXI News (March 1), "East High Teachers Use the Power of Food to Connect with Students"

WROC-TV (March 1),, East High School Hosts a Food Cookoff

Democrat & Chronicle (Feb. 26),, Family at the Heart of East High Boys Basketball

Spectrum News (Feb. 17), "East Eagles Hope Family Ties Equates Sectional Success"

Spectrum News (Feb. 15), "Partnership with the University of Rochester has Improved East High"

ROC City News (February 2019), "Education...Means Emancipation" 

Fredonia Alumni Statement Magazine (Spring 2019), "Urban Education Turnaround" 


The Buffalo News (Oct. 10), "Rod Watson: Rochester Model Can Help Buffalo\'s Struggling Schools

WROC-TV (Sept. 4), "New York State Struggling to Find School Counselors

City Newspaper (August 22), "The East-UR \'Experiment\'"

Democrat & Chronicle (June 29),, University of Rochester Remains Committed to Community

WROC-TV (June 23),, East High School Graduating Class Reaches Goal 

Spectrum News (June 23), "Graduates Discuss Challenges Leading Up to Graduation"

13WHAM-TV (June 19), "East High Graduates Celebrate Milestone Graduation

Democrat & Chronicle (June 15), "How an RCSD School Raised Its Graduation Rate by 20 Points in Three Years With Innovation"

Spectrum News (June 13), "East High School Triples Graduation Rate After U of R Partnership"

Spectrum News (May 16), "\'It Can Wait\' Campaign Steers Students Away From Distracted Driving"

Democrat & Chronicle (May 16),, Homeless Students Face Challenges in the Classroom

WROC-TV (May 16), "Virtual Reality Car Crash Shows East High Students the Dangers of Distracted Driving"

13WHAM-TV (May 16), "VR Simulator Shows East High Students Distracted Driving Dangers"

Democrat & Chronicle (May 6),, East High Student With Mom in Prison to Graduate: \'I Want to be More\'

Spectrum News (March 9), "Upstander Program Seeks to Help Students Combat Cyberbullying"

WROC-TV (March 9), "East High Program Encourages Students to Stop

WXXI News (Feb. 27), "East High Officials Credit Protocols and Procedures After Alleged Threat

Spectrum News (Feb. 26), "East High School Takes Extra Precaution After Social Media Threat"


City Newspaper (Nov. 15), "East Students Find that Friendship is Round

WXXI News (Sept. 28), "East H.S. Officials Update the Community on the UR Partnership"

Spectrum News (Sept. 28), "Improvements at East Schools Touted

Democrat & Chronicle (Aug. 15),, East High Students Put Science Project Into Orbit
Spectrum News
(Aug. 14),
"3 East High Students Celebrated for Work on Space X Rocket"

WXXI News (Aug. 14), "East High Student Experiment Blasts Off into Space"

WHEC-TV (Aug. 14),, East High Students\' Experiment Taken to International Space Station

13WHAM-TV (Aug. 14), "East HS Experiment Traveling on Space X Rocket to ISS"

WROC-TV (Aug. 14), "East High School Students Watch Their Project Launch into Space"

WHEC-TV (Aug. 13),, East High Students to Send Project Into Space Monday

ABC Houston (June 27), "93-Year-Old WWII Veteran Graduates High School"

ABC7 San Francisco (June 26), "93-Year-Old WWII Veteran Graduates High School in Rochester"

New York\'s PIX11/WPIX-TV (June 26), "WWII Veteran Graduates High School 75 Years Later"

WWAY-TV, (June 26), "93-Year-Old WWII Veteran Graduates from High School"

WHEC-TV (June 25),, World War II Veteran Received Honorary Diploma

USA Today (June 24), "WW2 Veteran Honored at East High Graduation"

Spectrum News (June 24), "WWII Veteran Receives Honorary Diploma from East High

13WHAM-TV (June 24), "93-Year-Old WWII Veteran Gets Special Ceremony at East High"

Democrat and Chronicle (June 24),, WW2 Veteran Honored at East High Graduation

Democrat and Chronicle (June 14),, RCSD Moving on Neighborhood Schools

City Newspaper (June 7), "The UR\'s Bold Commitment to a City High School"

Democrat and Chronicle (May 31),, Pedro Noguera, Education Expert, to Speak at East High

WHEC-TV (May 25),, Knighthawks Recognized for Work with East High Team

Chronicle of Higher Education (May 16), "How a University Helped Save a Failing High School

13WHAM-TV (May 10), "Student-Led Restaurant RYCE, Closes Doors--The Restaurant is Looking for Partners in the Community to Continue Operations

Democrat and Chronicle (May 10),, Student-Run Eatery Closes in Village Gate

13WHAM-TV (April 14), "Bright Spot: Diamond Packaging & Rochester Knighthawks Donate Equipment to East"

Democrat and Chronicle (April 11),, Knighthawks Donate Equipment, Help Coach City\'s First School Lacrosse Team Since 1970s

WXXI-TV (March 27), "Homework Hotline: RYCE"

WHEC-TV (March 26),, Rochester In Focus: RYCE

Spectrum News/TWCN (March 7), "Grand Opening of Student-Operated Restaurant Stirs Up Success for City Youth"

WXXI-TV (March 7), "Need to Know - RYCE Restaurant"

13WHAM-TV (March 7), "Grand Opening for Restaurant Run by East HS Students"

WHEC-TV (March 7),, Grand Opening of Student-Run Restaurant in Rochester

WROC-TV (March 7), "Student-Run Restaurant Opens in Village Gate"

PBS NewsHour (March 6), "Student Scientists Devise Experiment That Will Really Take Off"

Democrat & Chronicle (March 2),, Thumbs Up for the Opening of RYCE

Democrat & Chronicle (Feb. 27),, Student-Run Eatery Serves Up Caribbean Fare in Village Gate

13WHAM-TV (Feb. 27), "New Rochester Restaurant Designed and Run by Students"  

City Newspaper (Feb. 22), "Catching Up With RYCE"

Rochester In Focus (Feb. 19),, East High Students Sending Experiments Into Space

Innovation Trail (Feb. 3), "Rochester School to Send Experiment to International Space Station"

WHEC-TV (Feb. 3),, Students Running New Restaurant in Village Gate

13WHAM-TV (Jan. 31), "6th, 7th Graders from East Taken to \'Hidden Figures\' Screening

Democrat & Chronicle (Jan. 22),, Giving the Gift of Sight at East High School

WROC-TV (Jan. 22), "More than 100 Rochester Firefighters to be Honored by Retired East High School Counselor

FOX/Good Day Rochester (Jan. 20), "Local Students Send Their Work to Outer Space"

13WHAM-TV (Jan. 20), "East HS Students Launch Science Project on ISS"

WXXI-TV/Need To Know (Jan. 12), "East High Trio\'s Experiment Heading to NASA"

Time Warner Cable News (Jan. 4), "East Students Selected to be Part of NASA Mission"

WROC-TV (Jan. 4), "East High Students Submit Experiment to NASA"

WHEC-TV (Jan. 4),, East High Students\' Experiment Being Sent to International Space Station


WROC-TV (Dec. 21), "East Students Take Field Trip to Promote Literacy Growth"

City Newspaper (Nov. 30), "The Pressure is on for East

WXXI News (Nov. 23), "East High Culinary Students Making Meals for Those in Need"

13WHAM-TV (Nov. 23), "East High Culinary Students Prepare Thanksgiving Meals for 1,200 People"

WROC-TV (Nov. 23), "East High School Students Prepare Turkey Dinners for Families in Need"

Time Warner Cable News (Nov. 23), "Kiwanis Club Teams Up with East High School to Give Back to Community on Thanksgiving" 

WHEC-TV (Nov. 17),, Do the Right Thing: Bruce Finds, Returns Wallet 

WROC-TV (Nov. 16), "Extraordinary People: Jeff Christiano"

El Mensajero Catolico (Nov. 16), "Students Become Science STARS

13WHAM-TV (Nov. 1), "East Special Needs Students Get to \'Horse Around\' at New Equine Program"

Democrat & Chronicle (Oct. 28), "Thumbs Up for the Concept of Rochester Youth Culinary Experience"

WBFO-FM (Oct. 28), "NYSSBA Conference Tackles Issue of Educational Equity" (Featuring East EPO Superintendent Shaun Nelms as a Panelist

Democrat & Chronicle (Oct. 19), "Nonprofit Restaurant Planned for Village Gate"

WXXI News (Sept. 29), "East High Looks Back at Year One of UR Receivership"

WXXI-TV\'s Need to Know (Sept. 15 & 18), "WATCH: East High\'s Innovative Intervention"

WROC-TV (Sept. 16), "One Year After UR Partners with East High School, a Look at Test Scores"

WROC-TV (Sept. 7), "East Students Start Second Year of UR Partnership: Students at the School Say They Think the Oversight is Helping"

WROC-TV (Sept. 7), "Many Monroe County Schools Start Today: Amy Young Spoke to the East High Superintendent on Staff Preparations"

WROC-TV (Aug. 12), "Simon Business School Students Stuff Backpacks for East Students

Fairport-East Rochester Post (Aug. 11), "Applied Image Hires Precision Optics Grad" 

Democrat & Chronicle (Aug. 2), "RCSD Suspension Data Shows Mixed Success"

13WHAM-TV (July 28), "East High Students Building Teaching Garden"
(July 28),
"New Teaching Garden at East High School"

WROC-TV (July 28), "East High School Students, Community Plant Heart-Healthy Garden"

Time Warner Cable (July 28), "Rochester Culinary Students Reap the Benefits of First-Ever Teaching Garden

Democrat & Chronicle (July 15), East High School \'Way Better for Students\' in Year One 

13WHAM-TV (June 21), "Report Card for East High\'s First Year Under U of R Control"

13WHAM-TV (June 7), "East High Students Recognized for Good Behavior on RTS Buses"

WROC-TV (June 3), "Warner School Announces Creation of Center for Urban Education Success"

Democrat and Chronicle (June 3),, UR Establishes Center for Urban Ed

WXXI News (May 26), "New Take on Urban-Suburban Program

Democrat and Chronicle (May 23),, Kyle Crandall Changed Culture for East High Baseball

13WHAM-TV (April 21), "\'College Pep Rally\' Held for East High Seniors"

Democrat and Chronicle (April 18),, Local Presidential Primary Stops Provide Civics Classroom

POST (March/April),, Shaun Nelms Bringing Change to East High

Democrat and Chronicle (March 2),, East High Takes to the Ice

City Newspaper (March 2), "Program is Shaping Chefs and Raising Restaurateurs"

13WHAM-TV/Fox Rochester (March 1), "A Lesson in Photonics and Optics

Democrat and Chronicle (Feb. 28),, What\'s in a School Lunch, and Who\'s Eating it?

WROC-TV (Feb. 24),, Extraordinary People: Pat Weisenreder, OD (Featuring East\'s Vision Care Program)

Time Warner Cable News (Feb. 19), "New Village Gate Eatery will be Operated by East HS Culinary Students"

WXXI News (Jan. 8), "Change in Leadership at Two Area High Schools"


13WHAM-TV (Dec. 4),
"East High Students Make Eye Glasses for Peers"

WXXI CONNECTIONS (Dec. 3), "East High School\'s Partnership with the University of Rochester"

Democrat and Chronicle (Nov. 16),, Signs of Progress at East High

Time Warner Cable News (Sept. 23), "East School Students Getting an Edge on Optics and Photonics"

WROC-TV (Sept. 22),, East High Superintendent Give Progress on University of Rochester Partnership

Time Warner Cable News (Sept. 22), "East School Updates Community on Progress"

WHEC-TV (Sept. 22),, First Mandatory Meeting Held for East High

WROC-TV (Sept. 22),, East H.S. Update: Two Week Assessment

13WHAM-TV/FOX Rochester (Sept. 22),, East High\'s Leaders Update Parents

13WHAM-TV/FOX Rochester (Sept. 22),, Open Forum at East High School

WXXI News (Sept. 21), "East High Partnership is Focus of 5-Year Study"

Rochester Business Journal (Sept. 21),, Study to Look at Early Stages of East High School Partnership

Democrat and Chronicle (Sept. 19),, East High Grads Honor \'Mr. Kramer\'

Campus Times (Sept. 17), "East Upper and Lower Schools Begin First Year with UR as Partner"

13WHAM-TV (Sept. 9),, Attendance Percentages Released for East High

Democrat and Chronicle (Sept. 9),, East has Uneven Attendance on First Day

WXXI News (Sept. 9), "East Superintendent: \'Mixed Results\' for First Day Attendance"

Democrat and Chronicle (Sept. 8),, East High\'s First Day Marks a New Era
WXXI-AM (Sept. 8), "East High Teacher Has Hope Under New School Management
WHEC-TV (Sept. 8),, First Day at East High
13WHAM-TV/FOX Rochester (Sept. 8),, New Year, New Beginnings at East
WROC-TV (Sept. 8),, East High School Students Mark first Day Under U of R Leadership

WXXI News (Sept. 8), "East High School Begins Year Festively, With Challenges"
Time Warner Cable News (Sept. 8), "New Beginnings for East School: \'Beacon of Hope for Community, City\'"

WUHF FOX 28 (Sept. 8),, A New Era at East High School - Part 1

WUHF FOX 28 (Sept. 8),, A New Era at East High School - Part 2

WUHF FOX 28 (Sept. 8),, A New Era at East High School - Part 3

WHEC-TV (Sept. 3),, New York State Exposed Education: How Will the University of Rochester Make a Change at East?

Democrat and Chronicle Blog (Sept. 3),, Team Eagle" Set to Open a New Field of Dreams at East. Roland Williams \'93 Drops By for Final Summer Tune Up."

Democrat and Chronicle
(Aug. 31),, Retrofitting Rochester: East High School

WXXI News (Aug. 31), "New East High Superintendent Shares Vision for the School"

Time Warner Cable News (Aug. 28), "New Leader in Charge After Partnership with U of R"

Time Warner Cable News (Aug. 18), "East Holds Orientation for 6th and 7th Graders"

Time Warner Cable News (July 31), "New East High School Teachers Prepare for Upcoming School Year"

Democrat and Chronicle (July 26),, UR\'s New Roles in the City

USA Today (June 20), "Rochester (N.Y.) High School to Drop Orientals Name"

City Newspaper (May 26), "Our School-Reform Quest"

City Newspaper (May 13), "UR Takeover Nears"

Democrat and Chronicle Blog (May 5),, What the New East Will and Will Not Be

El Mensajero Católico (April 14), "University to Lead City School Transformation"

Minority Reporter (March 17), "U of R Announces East High Principals"

WHEC-TV (Feb. 25),, Changes at East High

Democrat and Chronicle (Feb. 13),, East High Plan Gets State Approval, $200K

13WHAM-TV (Jan. 29),, East High Deputy Superintendent Named

WXXI News (Jan. 16), "State Gives Preliminary OK to U of R Takeover of East H.S."


13WHAM-TV (Dec. 18),, School Board Approves U of R East High Plan

City Newspaper (Dec. 17), "Vote May Be This Week on UR\'s Plan for East"

Time Warner Cable News (Dec. 16), "Parents Chime in on Future Plans for East High School"

City Newspaper (Dec. 10), "UR Envisions Smaller, More Robust East High"

Time Warner Cable News (Dec. 10), "University of Rochester Plan for East High School Now in Hands of School Board"

13WHAM-TV (Dec. 10),, Can U of R Proposal Save East High?

Democrat and Chronicle (Dec. 9),, UR Unveils East High Plan

13WHAM-TV (Nov. 10),, Saving East High

Democrat and Chronicle (Nov. 7),, Alumni Invited to Get East High Update

Time Warner Cable News (Oct. 31), "East High School Science STARS, U of R Master\'s Students Collaborate on Science Project"

Rochester Review (Sept./Oct.), "President\'s Page: East High School"

Time Warner Cable News (Sept. 25), "University of Rochester Holds East High Meeting"

City Newspaper (Sept. 25), "Meeting on East High\'s Future Indicative of Hurdles Going Forward"

Democrat and Chronicle (Sept. 23),, East High Students Lay Out Wishes for Future

13WHAM-TV (Sept. 23),, UR Already Making Changes at East High

Democrat and Chronicle (Sept. 22),, Rochester Principal Visits White House

Time Warner Cable News (Sept. 22), "East High Principal Honored at White House"

Democrat and Chronicle (Sept. 13),, Despite Challenges (See Buffalo), the East/University of Rochester Partnership can Succeed

Democrat and Chronicle (Sept. 3),, East High Ready for Change

13WHAM-TV (July 9),, State Approves UR/East HS Partnership

Democrat and Chronicle (July 1),, UR, City School District Submit East High Proposal

13WHAM-TV (July 1),, UR Agrees to Help Save East High

WROC-TV (June 30),, East High School Plan Moves Forward

WHEC-TV (June 30),, UR Officially Agrees to Take Over East High School

WXXI News (June 30), "Plan to Have the University of Rochester Run East High Moves Forward" 

Time Warner Cable News (June 30), "University of Rochester Announces East High School Takeover Agreement"

Democrat and Chronicle (June 17),, East High Can Point to Many Distinguished Graduates

Democrat and Chronicle (June 15),, Despite Flaws, Deep Pride at East

Democrat and Chronicle (May 17),, Thumbs Up for the State Education Department
WXXI-TV (May 16), East High School: The Future
13WHAM-TV (May 16),, State Approves UR, East High Partnership
Democrat and Chronicle (May 15),, UR, East High Partnership Approved by State
Time Warner Cable News (May 15), “State Grants Additional Time for University of Rochester to Submit East High Plan”
WHAM1180 (May 15),, State Gives UR-East High Partnership a Thumbs-Up
WROC-TV (May 15),, NY Board of Education Grants RCSD More Time for East High Plan
WHEC-TV (May 15),, State Grants Additional Time for RCSD to Prepare Plan for UR to Take Over East High
WXXI News (May 15), State Gives Tentative OK to East High-University of Rochester Collaboration
WHEC-TV (May 15),, New York State Exposed Education: What’s Next for Some Struggling City Schools?
City Newspaper (May 14), Can Anyone ‘Turn Around’ a Rochester High School?
Democrat and Chronicle (May 13),, City Schools Problem Goes Beyond East High
Time Warner News (May 12), “No Reply Yet from State Education Department on East High Proposal”
WXXI 1370 Connections (May 9), “Highlighting the RCSD Budget
WHAM1180 (May 9),, “Talking East High and School District Budget”
City Newspaper (May 9), “Rochester School Board Chooses UR Proposal for East High
WHAM-TV (May 9),, East High Plan & School Budget Pass
WXXI News (May 9), RCSD Board Approves Budget
WHEC-TV (May 8), RCSD School Board Approves 2014-2015 Budget
Democrat and Chronicle (May 8),, City School Board OKs $788 Million Budget
City Newspaper (May 8), UR Proposal Tests School Officials
13WHAM-TV (May 8),, U of R & East High Partnership
13WHAM-TV (May 7),, RCSD Seeks Extension for East High Plan
WROC-TV (May 7),, The Fate of East High School Now Rests with New York State
WHEC-TV (May 7), The Future of East High
City Newspaper (May 7), UR Says It Won’t be Rushed Into Rescue of East High
WHAM1180 (May 7),, U of R May Partner with East High School
Democrat and Chronicle (May 6),, UR Open to Taking Over East High
Time Warner Cable News (May 6), “University of Rochester Exploring Possibility of Taking Over East High School”
WROC-TV (May 6),, U of R Interested in Running East High School
WHEC-TV (May 6),, UR Interested in Taking Over East high School
WXXI News (May 6), The East High School Proposal
City Newspaper (May 6), Two New Plans for East: UR Partnership, or Break It Up Into Three Schools

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