Wednesday Lunch Talk — Social Justice and Aging: Understanding the Profound Disparities in Late Life Mental and Physical Health

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
12 noon - 1 pm
Genrich-Rusling Room, LeChase 215

Research in human development has shown us that our physiological and psychological make-up in late life is often a reflection of environmental hardships and challenges that may have occurred in early childhood, prenatally, and/or even in prior generations.  For example, depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, and a host of other ailments can be traced to earlier environmental conditions related to trauma and chronic stress.  This lunch hour will look at how students in human development and counseling are able to formulate complex dissertation questions that investigate the relationship between early experience and late life health. It will also address research that addresses ways to restore quality of life for those struggling with chronic illness in old age.

Facilitated by Kathryn Douthit, Associate Professor and Chair of the Counseling and Human Development Program.

Light lunch served. No reservation required.

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