Warner Professor Publishes Guide to Getting Published in English

A Scholar's Guide to Getting Published in English book coverThe growing use of English in academic journal publishing has presented new challenges to scholars from countries where English is not a main language of communication to publish and share research across borders. A newly published book gives step-by-step guidance to scholars on how to navigate the complex and evolving world of writing for academic publication in English and supports them in their publishing endeavors.
Mary Jane Curry, associate professor and director of language education at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education, together with Theresa Lillis, professor in English language and applied linguistics at The Open University in the United Kingdom, have co-authored the book A Scholar's Guide to Getting Published in English: Critical Choices and Practical Strategies (Multilingual Matters, November 2013). Looking beyond linguistic and rhetoric strategies, the guide offers support to scholars in exploring the larger social practices, politics, networks, and resources that affect academic publishing. The guide also contributes to ongoing global debates around broader practices and politics about academic writing in a global context. For example, one of the widely debated issues addressed in the book is the growing open access movement to publish scholarly journals online.
As Curry and Lillis explain in the introduction, research has demonstrated that proficiency in the English language and writing alone is not the only means to achieving success in English-medium publishing. Other barriers that hinder scholars’ ability to publish in English include limited access to networks and “literacy brokers,” such as journal editors, peer reviewers, translators, and disciplinary and language specialists who help at various points of the publication process; funding for research and conference expenses; and support and resources for getting published in English. 
“In this guide, we take a different approach to supporting scholars in journal article publishing than taken by most other books,” says Curry. “Our guide helps scholars to identify and understand the practices of academic publishing in English, in addition to other languages, and to make the best use of resources available to support their publishing goals.”
Based on more than a decade of extensive research conducted by Curry and Lillis on multilingual scholars’ experiences with English-medium publishing in a global context, the guide draws on ethnographic data about the practices and experiences of 50 education and psychology scholars in southern and central Europe. Several of the choices and strategies presented in the guide; however, are relevant to scholars and postgraduates in other academic disciplines, and while the primary focus of this guide is on academic journal article publishing, some attention has also been given to book chapters. The practices covered in the book are shared by scholars around the world, including those who use English as a first language, thus the book will be useful to many scholars, including those who support multilingual scholars.
Each chapter features data examples and analyses, followed by questions to help readers link the key points in each chapter to their own experiences, suggestions for future action, useful resources, and related research. Chapters then close with an information box that provides more in-depth information on the key topics covered in each chapter.
Throughout the book, the authors provide guidance, information, and practical suggestions that are designed to help scholars identify journals to target, understand the range of editorial practices, make connections and forge collaborations with other scholars, access resources and support for writing for publication, and respond to the diverse communication and feedback practices from journal editors and reviewers across different contexts.
John Flowerdew, professor of English at the City University of Hong Kong, comments about the book: “This clearly organized and written guide provides an excellent overview of the larger social practices, politics, networks, and resources involved in academic publishing. In the process, it shows readers how to formulate and situate their research and gain access to publication. I thoroughly recommend this book to more or less experienced scholars, both Anglophone and non-Anglophone, wanting to publish in international refereed journals.”
Mary Jane CurryCurry joined the Warner School faculty in 2003 and teaches courses in language education, literacy, academic writing and publishing. She has published widely on multilingual scholars’ experiences with English-medium publishing in a global context. Together with Lillis, she co-authored the book Academic Writing in a Global Context: The Politics and Practices of Publishing in English (Routledge, 2010) and, with additional authors (Coffin, Goodman, Hewings, and Swann), the book Teaching Academic Writing: A Toolkit for Higher Education (Routledge, 2002). Curry, a former book editor, received her doctorate in curriculum and instruction from the University of Wisconsin.
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