Integrating Science and Literacy

You are invited to watch and listen as graduate students unveil their findings on the water quality at Durand Eastman Beach.

Warner master’s students in EDU 487—Integrating Science and Literacy—have tested the waters at Durand Eastman Beach as part of a science teacher preparation program. Students will present the following scientific investigations and findings:

• Is there a better swim area at Durand Eastman Beach?
• Are there identifiable water differences within the east stream?
• Is there a relationship between the proximity to foliage and the temperature?

The mini-symposium will be held in Dewey Hall, Room 2-110E. Finger food & beverages will be provided. For more information, contact Dawn Evans at devans@warner.rochester.edu.

Tags: Durand Eastman Beach, Get Real! Science, literacy, science, science education, teacher preparation