Warner Students Celebrate International Mother Language Day

The Warner Graduate Student Association hosted a multicultural event in March in the Genrich-Rusling Room of LeChase Hall that was aimed at celebrating cultural diversity and multilingualism. Participants supplied refreshements traditional to their country/culture to share with others.

Doctoral student Farzana Hafsa coordinated the event and gave a presentation on the creation of International Mother Language Day and how it relates to struggles with language in her home country of Bangladesh:

In recognition of the nation’s [Bangladesh] blood shed for the right to speak it’s mother language, February 21 was proclaimed the International Mother Language Day by UNESCO on November 17, 1999. From February 2000, International Mother Language Day is observed yearly worldwide to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The day which is called “The Martyrs Day” is a national holiday in Bangladesh and is observed with humble respect in Bangladesh.

Other event participants gave presentations/performances related to their home country:

  • Recitation: A traditional Chinese poem with translation - Master's student Sophie Hu (China)
  • A Chinese song - Master's students Fang Wang and Judy Huang (China)
  • Recitation: A Poem on Mother - Doctoral student Dwayne Trysquare Campbell (Jamaica)
  • Presentation on Indonesia - Doctoral student Yanti Sri Rezeki (Indonesia)
  • A traditional Chinese musical instrument - Master's student Weiyang Liu (China)

  • A Bangla Tagore song - Farzana Hafsa (Bangladesh)

  • Presentation on Turkey and recitation of a poem by Rumi in Persian with English translation- Master's students Ahmet Tanhan (Turkey), Abdul Basir Barmak (Afghanistan), and Joel Gallegos Greenwich (Brazil)

Event Images

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