Education for Environmental Health and Sustainability in Developing Countries with David Hursh

Faculty Perspectives - Online Lecture Series
Wednesday, March 13
1 p.m.
Featuring David Hursh, Professor

Each year two million people, mostly children in developing countries, die from diseases related to lack of access to clean water. Another two million die from diseases related to cooking over wood fires in which there is inadequate ventilation. Environmental sustainability in developing countries is not merely desirable but literally a life and death situation.

University of Rochester Professor David Hursh has traveled to sub-Saharan Africa multiple times over the last three years to teach children and adults about air and water pollution, and how to reduce their health risks. He has also co-authored with Dr. Camille Martina (URMC) the book Teaching Environmental Health to Children: An Interdisciplinary Approach, based on their work over seven years teaching environmental health to children in Rochester area elementary and secondary schools. In his most recent publications, he calls for redefining environmental education to include environmental health and sustainability and create sustainable communities.

Join Professor Hursh as he discusses his pathbreaking work in teaching sustainability and his current collaborations with non-governmental organizations in developing countries that use technology in secondary schools to create critical citizens regarding sustainability and health.

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