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12/19/2010 Democrat and Chronicle Author Spotlight on Mary Jane Curry
12/16/2010 David Hursh Talks Education Reform on WXXI's 1370 Connection
12/16/2010 El Mensajero Católico Story Highlights Science STARS
12/12/2010 To Semester Ending, New Beginnings – and Free Appetizers
12/09/2010 Grant to Expand, Improve the Quality of Postsecondary Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
12/09/2010 Mock Quoted in RBJ Story on NYS DDPC Grant to Institute
12/09/2010 Warner Admissions Information Lunch Reception
12/08/2010 Warner Admissions Information Lunch Reception
12/08/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
12/06/2010 UTL Forum Focuses on Urban Adolescent Girls
12/02/2010 2010 Science STARS Conference
12/01/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
11/20/2010 Warner Grad Mathis Calvin (‘10, Ed.D.) Highlighted in The Daily News
11/17/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
11/17/2010 Information Session
11/12/2010 Writing Workshop: Editing and Peer Reviewing Yours and Others' Writing
11/11/2010 Study Shows Latino Students Are Falling Behind in City Schools
11/10/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
11/10/2010 Ten9Eight Shoot for the Moon
11/09/2010 A Gendered Agenda: Adolescent Girls in Urban Schools
11/08/2010 "The New Political Economy of Urban Education: Neoliberalism, Race and the Right to the City."
11/06/2010 Improving Student Achievement While Overcoming Adversity
11/06/2010 Writing Workshop: Citations, Referencing, and APA Style
11/05/2010 Quantitative Consulting Services Workshop #2: Survey Design
11/03/2010 Morton J. Horwitz Lecture
11/01/2010 Expert Panel to Discuss "Waiting for Superman" at The Little
10/29/2010 Writing Workshop: Critiques and Literature Review
10/28/2010 Warner Alumnus Bernard Strenecky and "The $100 Solution"
10/27/2010 Kiyama, Harris Contribute to WROC-TV Story on Experiences of Latino Youth
10/27/2010 Warner Study Referenced in Democrat and Chronicle Editorial
10/27/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
10/25/2010 Warner School's Growth Featured in Rochester Business Journal
10/23/2010 Writing Workshop: Reflective Writing and Summarizing
10/22/2010 Hazen Receives 2010 LGBTQ Ally of the Year Award
10/22/2010 Education Activist Speaks on the New Political Economy of Urban Education
10/21/2010 Fulbright-Hays in Ethiopia
10/21/2010 Science STARS Featured on WHEC-TV and YNN Rochester
10/20/2010 Music, Healing, and Ritual in Tibetan Cultural Contexts
10/20/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
10/15/2010 Kirst Quoted in Rochester Business Journal on Catholic School Enrollment
10/15/2010 Warner School Receives "Friend of the Year Award"
10/14/2010 Institute for Innovative Transition at University of Rochester Awarded $2.5 Million Grant
10/14/2010 Mock Featured in RBJ Story on $2.5 Million Grant to Institute
10/14/2010 Institute for Innovative Transition Featured on WROC-TV Report
10/12/2010 Teens Study the Science Behind Everyday Stuff—like Video Games and Dancing—Through After-School Program
10/07/2010 Admissions Application Assistance
10/06/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
10/04/2010 Hursh Discusses Education Issues on WXXI
10/01/2010 Quantitative Consulting Services Workshop #1 Got Theory?
10/01/2010 Writing Workshop: Constructing an Argument in Academic Writing
9/30/2010 Doctoral Program Information Session
9/29/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
9/28/2010 Ensuring Effective Educators is Revolutionary Work
9/25/2010 Writing Workshop: Genres of Academic Writing
9/23/2010 School's In For Summer
9/23/2010 Warner School to be Honored at Ibero Luncheon
9/22/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
9/17/2010 Teaching. Learning. Giving: A Lesson in Education, Health, and Sustainability in Makindye, Uganda
9/17/2010 Writing Workshop: Critical Reading of Academic Texts
9/15/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
9/15/2010 Publishing Productivity in STEM Fields: Exploring Why Women Publish Less than Men
9/14/2010 Warner School Information Reception
9/13/2010 Warner Helps Rochester City School Teachers Enhance History Lessons
9/08/2010 Curren's Work on the Ethics of Sustainability Education Featured in NPR Blog
9/08/2010 Professional Development Luncheon
9/08/2010 Warner School Admissions Visit at URMC
9/03/2010 LGBTQ Youth Advocate Receives MOCHA Award
8/26/2010 Warner School Field Placement and Student Teaching Orientation (For Inclusive Student Teaching Candidates)
8/26/2010 Warner School Field Placement and Student Teaching Orientation (For All Student Teaching Candidates)
8/26/2010 Warner School General Student Orientation
8/19/2010 The Warner School of Education at Highland Hospital
8/18/2010 Warner Professor Weighs in on Education Issues on Radio Show
8/16/2010 Institute Receives Nearly $1 Million Grant to Improve Transition for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities
8/15/2010 Warner Professor Earns Tenure and Promotion in 2010
8/13/2010 Warner Professor Contributes Q4 Feature in Rochester Business Journal
8/12/2010 The Warner School of Education at URMC
8/10/2010 Coffee and Breakfast with Warner School Admissions
8/05/2010 Warner Student Named a Knowles Science Teaching Fellow
8/02/2010 Get Real! Science Action Camp Final Presentations
7/27/2010 Local Coverage of 2010 Get Real! Science Camp
7/27/2010 Democrat and Chronicle Column Focuses on Professor's Global Sustainability Efforts
7/23/2010 Rochester Summer Camp Keeps Teens Interested in Science
7/22/2010 Genesee Valley Writing Project Featured on YNN Rochester
7/22/2010 2010 Summer Institute: "Strategies for Successful Campus-based Options for Students with Developmental Disabilities"
7/21/2010 The Achievement Gap and Summer Learning Loss - A Crisis in Rochester
7/08/2010 The 21st Annual Summer Institute on Catholic Education: Essential Building Blocks of Values Based Education
7/02/2010 Institute Offers Outlet for Local Teachers to Polish Writing Instruction over Summer Vacation
7/01/2010 New Book Explores the Consequences of English as the Dominant Language in Global Academic Journal Publishing
6/30/2010 Hursh in Vancouver Observer on Neoliberalism and Public Schools
6/16/2010 Summer Institute Focuses on Postsecondary Options for Students with Disabilities
6/08/2010 Sullivan in Democrat and Chronicle on Children at Risk Forum
6/07/2010 Warner Professor Shares Uganda Experience on WXXI
6/03/2010 Warner Student Awarded University-wide Edward Peck Curtis Teaching Award
6/03/2010 Spending Time in Nature Makes People Feel More Alive, Study Shows
5/21/2010 Warner Professor Contributes to CNN Report on Kids and Race
5/19/2010 Caps Off to the 2010 Warner Graduates
5/15/2010 Warner School Commencement
5/13/2010 New Interdisciplinary Curriculum Enables Schools to Pioneer Global Environmental Sustainability Efforts
5/12/2010 Emerging Scholarly Writers: Students Give Behind-the-Scenes Look into the Creation of Youth-full Productions
5/07/2010 Three School Counseling Graduates Receive City School District's Award for First Year Excellence
5/07/2010 Wall to Receive University's Excellence in Teaching Award
5/04/2010 Hursh Quoted in ABC News Story on Mayoral Control
4/28/2010 Warner Noyce Scholar Lauded for Teaching Excellence
4/23/2010 Warner Student Wins Prestigious National Council of Teachers of English Fellowship
4/23/2010 2010 Doctoral Portfolio Evaluation Information Session
4/17/2010 Arts Integration in the Classroom: Instructional Strategies for P-12 Educators
4/16/2010 Quantitative Consulting Workshop - Regression Diagnostics
4/15/2010 A Conversation with Professor William G. Tierney - Student Session
4/14/2010 Spring 2010 Scandling Lecture
4/14/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Scandling Lecture Preview
4/12/2010 Youth-full Productions: Meet the Authors, Hear Their Stories
4/09/2010 Preparing for Your Doctoral Comp Exams
4/08/2010 Center for Entrepreneurship Lecture Series: "Prison Entrepreneurship Program"
4/07/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
4/01/2010 Preparing for Your K-12 Administration Ed.D. Doctoral Comp Exams
4/01/2010 Preparing for Your Higher Education Administration Ed.D. Doctoral Comp Exams
3/31/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Unusual Research Methods
3/30/2010 Dean's Annual Forum for Warner Students
3/26/2010 Quantitative Consulting Workshop - Open Workshop
3/24/2010 Free Bird: Warner Grad Makes the World His Classroom
3/24/2010 Ph.D. Student Amy Shema and Her Lunch Bunch at School 58 Featured in Democrat and Chronicle
3/24/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - How Technology is Changing Knowledge Distribution
3/24/2010 5th Annual Kirch Conference
3/23/2010 Professor's Generation Two (G2) Study Featured in Democrat and Chronicle
3/18/2010 Warner Professors to Attend Clinton Global Initiative University
3/17/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Theories to Practice: Listening to Student and Parent Voices
3/12/2010 Writing Workshop - Writing Conference Proposals
3/10/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Charles Settlement House Tackles the 21st Century
3/06/2010 Writing Workshop - Citations, Referencing, and APA Style
3/05/2010 Higher Education Expert to Speak as Warner School's Spring Scandling Lecturer
3/03/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Faculty Colloquium
2/27/2010 Writing Workshop - Critiques and Literature Reviews
2/26/2010 Quantitative Consulting Workshop - Got Theory?
2/24/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Spirituality: The Awkward Discussion
2/19/2010 Warner Center Featured in Democrat and Chronicle, YNN Rochester
2/18/2010 UTL Teach-In on Mayoral Control Featured in Campus Times
2/17/2010 Democrat and Chronicle Shares Professor's Critique of Mayoral Control
2/17/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Chica and the Man: Microaggressions in the workplace and classroom
2/12/2010 No Break for Some Rochester City School Teachers this Winter
2/12/2010 Writing Workshop - Constructing an Argument in Academic Writing
2/11/2010 Professor Named Program Chair of the American Educational Research Association
2/11/2010 Teach-In: Mayoral Control of Public Schools
2/10/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Sustainability and Schools
2/06/2010 Writing Workshop - Genres of Academic Writing
2/04/2010 Doctoral Student Quoted in Chicago Tribune, ACM articles on Early Science Learning
2/03/2010 19th Annual Renewal & Reflection for Counseling Professionals Conference
2/03/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Home-Going as a Strategy of Success
2/01/2010 Professor Will Discuss Changes to NCLB on WXXI
1/29/2010 Hursh Discusses Mayoral Control of Rochester Schools on YNN Rochester
1/29/2010 Writing Workshop - Critical Reading of Academic Texts
1/27/2010 Institute for Innovative Transition Receives Grant to Launch Think College NY! Initiative
1/27/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Current Research and Opportunities in Higher Education
1/25/2010 Professor, Students Collaborate on New Book Examining the Rich Resources Marginalized Youth Bring to the Classroom
1/20/2010 Ryan Quoted in Straits Times on Giving Kids Control of Learning
1/20/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Haiti Earthquake Made Personal
1/15/2010 Quantitative Consulting Workshop - SPSS/PASW Refresher for Warner Students
1/13/2010 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Psychological Barriers to Writing
1/12/2010 Professor's 'Weekend Effect' Study Featured in USA Today
1/11/2010 Warner Student Helps Promote Early Science Learning on Ever-Popular Children's Show
1/11/2010 Genesee Valley Writing Project Sets 2010 Summer Institute Deadline for March 1
1/07/2010 Doctoral Student Featured in WROC-TV Story on Safety Improvements at East High
1/07/2010 Admissions Event - Afternoon at Warner