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10/15/2019 Fall Admissions Application Deadline
6/15/2019 Summer Admissions Application Deadline
6/12/2019 K-12 Administration Internship Orientation
5/18/2019 Warner School Commencement
5/02/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series - Studying Leadership for Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
4/18/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series - How Do They Do It? K-12 Teachers’ Stories of Digitally-Rich Instruction
4/17/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Developing a K-12 Research Collaboration across Computer Science, Data Science and Warner
4/16/2019 Student Open Sessions with Dean Marri
4/10/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Creativity in Counselor Education
4/05/2019 Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Training
4/04/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series - Aesthetics Matter: A Conversation with Virtual Learning Environment Designers
4/03/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Studying Teenagers' Political Thinking: What We're Learning from a Design-Based Intervention Study
3/29/2019 Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Workshop
3/27/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Plans vs. Reality: Warner Students Share Lessons Learned from Their Dissertation Processes
3/21/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series - Social and Tactile Augmented Reality for STEM Learning and Teaching: Roles, Strategies, and Laughter
3/20/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Engaging Older Adult Learners as Health Researchers (ENGOAL): Research Proposals from a Cohort of Community Activists and Scholars
3/15/2019 Spring Admissions Application Deadline
3/13/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Strategies for Identifying (and Attaining) Funding to Support Educational Research
3/11/2019 K-12 Administration Internship Orientation
3/07/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series - Exploring Infiniscope: Tapping into NASA Data and Imagery for Adaptive Learning
3/06/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - How is Rochester a Prison Town?
3/05/2019 Making Good on the Promise of a Guaranteed, Viable Curriculum for All
3/04/2019 Student Open Sessions with Dean Marri
3/02/2019 Writing Workshop: Citations, Referencing, and APA Style
2/27/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - A Freedom School's Response to Miseducation
2/21/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series - Fostering Systemic Change Around Digitally-Rich Education: A Focus on Getting Started
2/20/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Cultural Connections: A Look at the Educational System in Russia
2/15/2019 Spectrum News Story Highlights UR/East EPO Progress 
2/15/2019 Writing Workshop: Constructing an Argument in Academic Writing
2/13/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Biology of Early Life Trauma and the Implications for Academic Success
2/12/2019 Information Session: K-12 Leadership Program For Finger Lakes Area Teachers
2/11/2019 Public PhD Dissertation Defense: Elaine Casquarelli
2/08/2019 Kara Finnigan Writes about the Public Education Crisis in the Democrat & Chronicle
2/08/2019 Marth Mock Featured in New Think College Video
2/08/2019 Warner Professor Takes a Look at Civil and Civic Discourse 
2/08/2019 Writing Workshop: Critical Reading of Academic Texts
2/07/2019 East Public Meeting on School Receivership Scheduled for February 14
2/07/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series - Open Pedagogy: Varied Definitions, Multiple Approaches
2/06/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - Using Research to Drive and Change Community Organizations and Schools
2/02/2019 Kevin Meuwissen and Liz Van Son on the Teaching Profession on WHEC-TV
2/02/2019 Why Teach? Event
2/01/2019 Carol St. George on Reading Aloud with Children 
1/31/2019 ACPA Names Tricia Shalka an Emerging Scholar Designee
1/30/2019 Student Open Sessions with Dean Marri
1/30/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - The Mindful University
1/29/2019 Warner School Kicks Off Annual Read Aloud Campaign in February
1/28/2019 Nathan Harris on Administrative Turnover in The GW Hatchet 
1/28/2019 Fredonia Alumni Magazine Features Shaun Nelms
1/26/2019 Writing Workshop: Incorporating Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism
1/24/2019 LiDA Colloquium Series:  Open Sharing
1/23/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - "Nothing succeeds like success": The Matthew Effect and Doctoral Education
1/16/2019 Wednesday Lunch Hour - An Introduction and Conversation with Dean Anand R. Marri
1/15/2019 Winter Admissions Application Deadline
1/14/2019 Warner School Event to Help Individuals Explore, Seek Meaningful Careers in Teaching 
1/14/2019 Orientation for New International Warner School Students
1/14/2019 Warner New Student Orientation
1/10/2019 Warner School Graduate Programs in Program Evaluation Lunchtime Session. Critical Roles. Wide-Ranging Opportunities.
1/04/2019 Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
1/03/2019 Valerie Marsh and Shaun Nelms Write About Improving Urban School Attendance for District Administration Magazine
1/03/2019 Rochester Beacon Story on Restorative Practices Cites East EPO as a Model for Success
1/02/2019 Empowering K-12 Educators, Cultivating Equity in Mathematics