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Page link printed 12/13/2018

Dean Borasi

Welcome from the Dean

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome international students from around the world to our diverse and demanding learning community. Our international students bring unique, global perspectives that add a new dimension to all that we do. 
As a former international student myself, I understand first hand that the decision you are about to make is one of the most important decisions of your life. It was a transition that I initially made with great trepidation, but has opened amazing opportunities for me.  I grew up in Italy and completed my undergraduate work in mathematics and education at the University of Torino.  The opportunity to pursue my master’s and doctoral degrees in the United States was a great honor. I certainly would have never imagined that 30 years later I would be able to serve as Dean of this top-ranked research University.
I truly believe that the Warner School of Education and Human Development offers prospective international students searching for a graduate program the best of all worlds – all the resources, academic rigor, and prestige of a great research university with the personal attention, support, and community that characterize the Warner School.  Our programs prepare practitioners and researchers to handle today’s challenges in education by providing the mindsets and tools to be agents of change. Our graduates are equipped to be exceptional at what they do, and to make a difference in their chosen fields of study.
At Rochester, we are very proud of our motto “MELIORA”, which means Ever Better. It’s truly at the heart of the University and all that we do. We are empowering exceptional people through rigorous intellectual pursuit, teamwork, and creative exploration. We are aiming higher to achieve more than we thought possible. At Rochester, “Meliora” means making ourselves, our community, and our world EVER BETTER. 
Raffaella Borasi, Dean
Warner School of Education and Human Development