About the University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is one of the world’s top-tier research universities. The University has been a pioneer in fields as diverse as geology, optics, medicine, music, economics, political theory and human behavior, with a rich culture of innovation and a tradition of discovery. Among the University’s faculty and alumni are 8 Nobel Prize winners and 12 Pulitzer Prize winners.

The University has approximately 6,200 undergraduate students, 4,600 graduate students, and more than 100,000 alumni.  An impressive 1,300 undergraduate students and 1,400 graduate students come to the University from outside of the United States, creating a dynamic global community.

The Warner School student body totals 700, with approximately a third attending full-time and two thirds attending part-time, often while working concurrently in education-related professions. About 40% of Warner’s students are enrolled in doctoral programs, 40% are enrolled in master’s programs, and the remainder in certificate programs.

Rochester offers academic excellence on a personal scale.  It is a University that spans the universe of knowledge, yet provides opportunities for individual achievement and recognition.

The Warner School is located on the 85-acre River Campus, the University’s main campus, two miles south of downtown Rochester, New York, on a bend in the Genesee River.  Warner is housed in LeChase Hall, a stunning new facility that opened in 2013.

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