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Academic Support Services

The Warner School of Education wants to empower students to fulfill their academic and professional passions in a University that is diverse, welcoming, and inclusive for all students, faculty, and staff. We offer all students the following academic support services:
Writing Support Services
Academic writing is a major component of your Warner graduate program.  Guidelines may be different from your past college experiences, so Warner provides all students with assistance to improve writing competencies through our Writing Support Services. Writing Support Services include both free workshops on various aspects of academic writing and individual support, where Writing Support Consultants review students' writing and offer a non-directive, responsive approach to providing students with the strategies needed to learn productive habits in all stages of writing. Download the Warner School Writing Support Services brochure.

Quantitative Consulting Services
Warner School doctoral students also have access to quantitative support in all stages of the quantitative research process. Learn more from the Quantitative Consulting Services site.
Career Services
The Warner School has a dedicated Career Services Office to help students meet their career objectives.  Harriette Royer, the Director of the Office, has significant experience working with both international and domestic students to help them plan and implement a successful internship or job search.

As a Warner School student, there are many resources to guide you through using University and Warner technologies, including Blackboard, an online course management system used to disseminate and create educational content.  There is also a Technology Lab in LeChase Hall that will give you access to printing and specialized research software.

One of the most vibrant areas of academic support will be your use of our internationally renowned library, Rush Rhees Library.