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The Warner School offers a number of specialized master’s degree programs for students interested in improving their knowledge of and skills in teaching in a specific subject area, including:  
All of these programs are specifically designed for students who want to explore innovative curricula and teaching methods in one of these areas of specialization, with the goal of applying them to their own unique instructional context – whether it is a college/university, a pre-college school, private school/program, health care setting, or industry setting, in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world. These programs are not for students interested in pursuing New York State teaching certification.
Regardless of the area of specialization, Warner programs prepare teachers who live to inspire and love to teach. We prepare innovative teachers who understand how today’s students learn and take responsibility for creating learning environments that are inviting for all students, no matter how they best learn. We provide the theoretical foundation, the intellectual tools, and the practical experience to help graduates thrive in a wide variety of learning environments, and many move on to take leadership positions.

All of our teacher education programs are grounded in proven research, and our graduates thrive in the classroom. Warner faculty, in conducting research and supporting others, stay on the cutting edge of teaching and learning and their specializations. Graduates are prepared to grow, teach, and engage students into the future, continuing to learn and be reflective about their practice, innovating and being an agent of change. All of these non-certification programs allow students significant flexibility in designing an individual course of study through the selection of elective courses. 
Most of these teacher education programs require 30 credits of coursework and can be completed with one year of full-time study, although many international students prefer to add an additional one or two semesters to take full advantage of field experiences and internship opportunities, and/or to pursue an Advanced Certificate in addition. 
Students in these master’s programs also have the option of adding an Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching or Teaching English as a Foreign Language to their degree.  This may require minimal additional credits if electives are chosen strategically.