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Online Teaching

As the demand for online courses and a variety of other types of digitally-rich learning experiences continues to grow in the U.S. and across the world, the Warner School has launched new programs to prepare qualified instructors to teach online courses and take advantage of technology to enhance all learning experiences.
Our goal is to prepare thoughtful and effective instructors, who can design and facilitate innovative online learning experiences for their students in a variety of contexts, including schools, colleges, universities, industry, and informal learning spaces across the world.  Students explore and gain expertise in how to effectively teach fully online and hybrid online courses and workshops, as well as enhance traditional face-to-face courses and professional development experiences. 

Graduates of our program are prepared to take on faculty positions that require online teaching, support colleagues in designing and implementing digitally-rich instruction, provide professional development that utilizes online components, lead innovations of curriculum and teaching practices in their institution that leverage online learning, and more generally engage in digitally-rich teaching as part of their everyday practice.

The MS in Online Teaching and Learning program requires a minimum of 33 credits and includes a sequence of required courses in online teaching and learning culminating with a practicum experience (a mentored experience where students teach or co-teach an entire online course), as well as several electives so as to enable students to customize their program to meet their unique needs and interests.  Interested students can also pursue an Advanced Certificate in Program Evaluation with minimal additional coursework by strategically choosing their electives.

Students can complete this program in one year (12 months), if studying full time, although many international students prefer to add an additional one or two semesters to take full advantage of field experiences and internship opportunities, and/or to pursue an Advanced Certificate in addition.

Note: Our Master's and certificate programs are categorized as "STEM" programs.

Requirements for the MS in Online Teaching and Learning (OT2)

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