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Human Development

The Warner School’s master's program in human development prepares professionals who will work, teach, and conduct research to contribute to healthy individual human development and the support of institutions and systems that nurture and promote healthy human development across the world. Whether you want to build healthy families, improve neighborhoods and communities, transform sociocultural structures that support equity and justice, or reform schools through improved leadership and organization, the development of human beings and the ability of individuals to adapt to growth through social change in organizations and communities is an issue of paramount concern.
Our human development program is based on a deep interdisciplinary understanding of human development and human potential, and focus on the linkage between development processes and the contexts in which they occur. Individuals who are seeking solutions to human problems in organizations, communities — even entire countries — will find Warner’s master’s degrees in human development an exciting place to study. Our graduates pursue positions in health and human service agencies, research projects, case management, and family outreach, and many continue their education in doctoral programs.
The MS in Human Development program includes options for possible specializations (in early childhood, developmental differences, family studies, gerontology, and research) or a rich choice of elective courses to customize the program to meet specific needs and interests. Interested students can also pursue an Advanced Certificate in Program Evaluation with minimal additional coursework by strategically choosing their electives.  Students may also be interested in pursuing the Applied Behavior Analysis credentials as an addition to this program.

Students can complete the basic 30-credit program in one year (12 months), if studying full time, although many international students prefer to add an additional one or two semesters to take full advantage of field experiences and internship opportunities, and/or to pursue an Advanced Certificate in addition.

Requirements for the MS in Human Development (HD1)

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