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Doctoral Studies

The Warner School offers both a PhD in Education and EdD's in a number of educational fields.  The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the more traditional doctoral program designed to prepare researchers and faculty members for research universities, while the EdD (Doctor of Education) programs mostly serve experienced practitioners who want to be innovators and leaders in their field and/or are interested in playing a role in preparing the next generation of practitioners.

Both PhD and EdD students take the same foundational courses in their fields and introductory research methods courses, although PhD students are also expected to take additional advanced research methods courses and EdD students are encouraged to choose electives that can broaden their area of expertise.  Both PhD and EdD students complete the same milestones (doctoral portfolio review, comprehensive exams, and dissertation), although the nature of the dissertation is different in the two programs.  Although both doctoral options can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis, PhD students are strongly encouraged to be full time (so they can benefit from more research apprenticeship opportunities with faculty). Most EdD students elect to do their program on a part-time basis while continuing to work as a full-time professional, and the program can be designed to create synergy with the work place.

The Warner School offers programs for doctoral students interested in specializing in the following areas: Rochester is an interesting place to train as an educator and to study educational practice, reform, and policy. Area schools provide Warner faculty and students with tremendous research and learning opportunities. The area includes a large urban school district, as well as suburban and rural schools, all in relatively close proximity.  In addition, the region is home to 15 other higher education institutions, and it has a vibrant cultural and arts community with strong educational components. It is also home to many high-quality health and human service organizations, where our counseling and human development students find excellent learning opportunities.