While counseling is an emerging profession in many parts of the world, it has a long and distinguished history in the United States. Counselors play important roles in schools and community organizations, helping individuals to thrive, learn and develop, and they offer services to people challenged by emotional, behavioral, and relationship problems in a variety of settings.

The Warner School offers accredited programs preparing mental health counselors (leading to New York State licensure) and school counselors (leading to New York State certification). Mental health counselors are eligible to practice in a variety of settings, including health care facilities and hospitals, human service agencies, community mental health centers, universities, and private practice.  School counselors are prepared to work with school-age children and adolescents in the context of schools, where they may also take on roles in student academic advising, career counseling, and support for the college search.

Our counseling programs are informed by a view of counselor as systems consultants, as well as individual helpers. Coursework balances theoretical knowledge and experiential learning, where students develop their skills in communication, listening, empathetic understanding, conflict mediation, and other individual and group counseling skills. Clinical placements and internships play a central educational role in these programs, helping students to develop counseling skills and bridge theory and practice.

These are intensive 48-60 credit hour programs, including a year-long internship in addition to coursework, and requiring at least two years of full-time study to be completed. Warner’s programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs [CACREP].

Requirements for the MS in Counseling & Human Dev (w/ spec. in School Counseling) (CS1)

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Requirements for the MS in Community Mental Health Counseling (CM1)

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