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At Warner, we offer a master’s program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) specifically designed for international students and others who plan to teach where teaching certification is not required, such as private schools, community centers, universities, business, and other institutions, in the U.S. and internationally.

This TESOL program offers a unique balance of theory and practice and allows students to deepen their understanding of the English language, linguistics, and language acquisition, while learning innovative and effective ways to teach students learning English. In addition to rigorous coursework in TESOL and literacy learning, it also has room for electives, so that students can customize their program to meet their unique interests and needs. 

International students can benefit from a wide range of internships and volunteering, gaining important learning experiences in area schools, colleges and community agencies, including the Rochester International Academy, Rochester City School District, private schools, and the University of Rochester, and strengthening their English skills.

Our TESOL students can also benefit from a worldwide alumni network. Current students and alumni come from various countries, including the United States, China, Kosovo, Chile, and Turkey. Graduates of our program are working in the U.S. or abroad as ESOL or bilingual teachers in K-12 settings and higher educational institutions, curriculum designers, researchers, and some pursue doctoral studies.

The basic 30-credit program can be completed with one year of full-time study, although most students prefer to add an additional one or two semesters to take full advantage of field experiences and internship opportunities, and/or to pursue an Advanced Certificate in addition.

By choosing elective courses strategically, students can also obtain an Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching with a few extra courses in addition to their master’s degree.  Or, after their first semester in the program, qualified students can apply for transfer into the certification program leading to New York State teaching certification to teach TESOL in grades K-12 in New York State public schools.

Requirements for the MS in Teaching ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) (TT3)

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