International Admissions Staff

Evelyn (Lynne) Kirst, Assistant Director of Admissions, serves as Warner’s International Advisor.  Lynne has significant experience providing academic and visa support services to Warner’s international student population.  She is responsible for the development of Warner’s two-week international orientation and also oversees and supports international students' field experiences and internships.

Lynne also provides support to Warner students throughout the visa process.  Along with the International Services Office (ISO), Lynne helps to process your initial visa applications and monitors and supports your immigration requirements and concerns throughout your program.

As you look to settle into Rochester, Lynne will be an important point of contact, as she can provide advice about travelling to Rochester, finding an apartment and roommate, and getting settled into the academic life at the Warner School.  She will support your social, cultural, and academic adjustments throughout your program. Contact Lynne.

Although Lynne serves as your primary contact, there are a number of people who will also provide support during your time at Warner. View student services team.