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Karen Mackie

Karen Mackie

Associate Professor (clinical)
Counseling & Human Development
LeChase Hall 496
(585) 275-9557
PhD, University of Rochester (counseling)
MS, University of Rochester (counseling, family, and work-life studies)
BA, State University of New York - Geneseo (psychology)

Karen Mackie has been teaching counseling courses in the Warner School since 1989 and in 2001 was appointed the outreach coordinator for counseling for the Warner Center for Professional Development and Educational Reform. Since 2005, she has been a member of the clinical faculty in counselor education and in 2008 also became the clinical coordinator for mental health counseling. She is a nationally certified counselor (NCC), a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC), an approved clinical supervisor (ACS), and a permanently certified school counselor in New York State. She has been a practicing professional counselor in mental health, addiction, private practice, college and public school settings since 1983.

Mackie’s teaching focuses on preparing the next generation of counselor educators and practitioner-researchers; the application of feminist, cultural, and post-modern perspectives to counseling; family and interpersonal systems counseling; and the incorporation of counseling practices and perspectives in community mental health as well as educational settings.

Her scholarship interests include understanding the impact of globalization, multinational identity and cultural plurality on counseling theory and practice; creativity and spirituality in the counselor education process; and post-modern approaches to family systems therapy and clinical supervision.  In her role as clinical coordinator, she is interested in the design of professional development and supervisory activities which allow therapeutic professionals to transform and re-situate their practices.  She has presented her work nationally and internationally at numerous professional conferences in the counseling field. Her on-going research explores the nature of professionalism for counselors and therapists in relation to the preservation of practitioner service ideals within challenging employment contexts. Mackie also studies the ways in which social class intersects with other cultural variables in shaping the self-narratives of both therapists and clients and in impacting their experience of life transition.

She serves on the editorial boards of The Journal for the Professional Counselor and the New York State School Counseling Journal and has published work in the books Critical Incidents in Child Counseling (ACA 2006), Culturally Alert Counseling (Sage 2008) and Integrating the Expressive Arts into Theory Based Counseling Practice (Springer 2010).

In the News

EDE423 Spirituality, Religion, and Healing in Counseling
EDU439 Interpersonal Systems in Counseling and Human Development
EDF450 Practicum in Counseling
EDF458 Supervised Internship in Community Mental Health Counseling
EDU459 Contemporary Issues in School Counseling
EDU470 Multicultural Perspectives in Counseling
EDE478 Integrating Expressive Arts into Counseling Practice
EDU552 Counselor Education
EDF559 Supervised Internship in Counselor Education II (Doctoral)
EDF560 Supervised Internship in Mental Health Counseling (Doctoral)
EDU563 Advocacy, Consulting, and Systems Change as Counseling and Human Development Practice