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Jayne Lammers

Jayne Lammers

Associate Professor, Associate Director Center for Learning in the Digital Age
Teaching & Curriculum
LeChase Hall 464
(585) 276-6020

Website: academia.edu
PhD, Arizona State University (curriculum and instruction - language and literacy)
MEd, University of Central Florida (reading education)
BS, University of Central Florida (liberal studies - English, education, business administration)

Jayne Lammers directs the secondary English teacher preparation program. Prior to joining the Warner School in 2011, she taught graduate and undergraduate literacy education courses. She has also taught English/language arts/reading at the secondary (grades 6-12) and postsecondary (college composition) levels.
Lammers' research explores adolescents’ literacy learning, especially in online environments. She engaged in a two-year virtual ethnography to study young women’s digital media creations with The Sims video games. Her current project is a case study of adolescent writing in three contexts: school-based writing, fan fiction posted in an online community, and personal creative writing. As a result of her research, Lammers aims to help shape literacy classrooms into spaces where online/offline and in-school/out-of-school boundaries get blurred and students are designing literacies that prepare them for 21st century futures.

Lammers is an active member of the Literacy Research Association, currently serving on the organization's Technology Committee. She also serves as the Secretary for the National Council of Teachers of English's Assembly for Research. Her other professional affiliations include the American Educational Research Association, National Council of Teachers of English, International Society of the Learning Sciences, and International Reading Association.

Scholarship Available on the Web:

Curwood, J. S., Lammers, J. C., & Magnifico, A. M. (2014, March 14). Adolescent writing in online fan fiction spaces.

Van Voorhis, V. & Lammers, J.C. (2013, January 10). Educational games for girls: Collaboration and context. edWeb.net Game-based Learning Community webinar. Recording available at: http://www.instantpresenter.com/WebConference/RecordingDefault.aspx?c_psrid=EA52DA89834A

Lammers, J.C., Curwood, J.S., & Magnifico, A.M. (2012). Toward an affinity space methodology: Considerations for literacy research. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 11(2), 44-58. Available at http://edlinked.soe.waikato.ac.nz/research/files/etpc/files/2012v11n2art3.pdf

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EDE410 Learning in the Digital Age
EDF410E Field Experiences in Middle Childhood (English)
EDF411E Field Experiences in Inclusive Middle Childhood Settings (English)
EDF416E Field Experiences in Secondary Schools (English)
EDF417E Field Experiences in Inclusive Secondary School Settings (English)
EDF418E Student Teaching in Secondary Schools A (English)
EDF419E Student Teaching in Inclusive Secondary School Settings A (English)
EDF420E Student Teaching in Secondary Schools B (English)
EDF421E Student Teaching in Inclusive Secondary School Settings B (English)
EDU431 Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning English
EDU443 Implementing Innovation in English Education
EDU481 Integrating English and Technology
EDE492 Integrating Technology in Teaching Content Areas
EDU498 Literacy Learning as Social Practice
ED506 Concepts and Issues in Social Science Research
ED567 Designing Research for Online Spaces
ED582 Critical Literacy