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Bryan Gopaul

Bryan Gopaul

Assistant Professor
Educational Leadership
LeChase Hall 423
(585) 276-7074
PhD, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (higher education, theory & policy studies in education)

Bryan Gopaul, a native of Toronto, Ontario in Canada, has experienced a profound intersection between his personal and professional contexts. As the son of a former teacher who experienced significant racism in the classroom and in the broader educational system, Gopaul explores issues of equity, privilege, and hierarchy in various educational contexts.
Gopaul’s research interests focus on the experiences of graduate students and the changing nature of faculty life and work. He employs critical theories of education and qualitative methodologies to explore issues of access and equity in graduate education, the employment of graduate students, the pipeline to the professoriate, and academic labor.  His previous research has focused on the socialization of doctoral students in different disciplines. Currently, his research emphasizes student mobility, conceptions of civic engagement to academic life and work, and international higher education. Specifically, he explores mobility among doctoral students and early-career faculty members moving through doctoral study and into the academic profession.  His interest in civic engagement focuses on graduate/doctoral education and broader reward structures within faculty work. Finally, his focus on international higher education has examined Canada, the U.S., Kazakhstan, and Morocco, and continues in these jurisdictions and others.
Previously, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where he collaborated with colleagues in the U.S. and Kazakhstan, exploring higher education reform in relation to governance and financial aid as well as student mobility.  In addition, Gopaul served as a graduate student representative for Division J (Postsecondary Education) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and facilitated multiple workshops and initiatives for graduate students to encourage successful completion and post-graduate employment.
Gopaul has published in various venues, including Educational Researcher, Equity and Excellence in Education, The International Journal of Doctoral Studies, The Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, Academic Matters, The Handbook of Engaged Scholarship: Contemporary Landscapes, Future Directions, and The Global University: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives. His research has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Ontario government.

Selected Publications
Gopaul, B. (2017). Illuminating the spaces between the checkpoints of doctoral study. In S. Zavattaro & S. Orr. (Eds.), Reflections on Academic Lives: Identities, Struggles, and Triumphs in Graduate School and Beyond. (pp. 30-32). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.
Hartley, M., Sagintayeva, A., Apergenova, R., Gopaul, B., Zhakypova, F. & Bilyalov, D. (2017). Governance challenges and changes: The evolving role of boards of trustees. In M. Hartley & A. Ruby (Eds.), Higher Education Reform and Development: The Case of Kazakhstan. (pp. 47-64). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
Gopaul, B. (2016). Applying cultural capital and field to doctoral student socialization. International Journal for Researcher Development, 7(1), 46-62.
Gopaul, B., Jones, G.A., Weinrib, J., Metcalfe, A.S., Fisher, D., Gingras, Y. & Rubenson, K. (2016). The Academic Profession in Canada: Perceptions of Canadian University Faculty on Research and Teaching. Canadian Journal of Higher Education, 46(2), 55-77.
Gopaul, B. & Pifer, M.J. (2016). The conditions of movement: A discussion of academic mobility between two early-career scholars. Higher Education Quarterly, 70(3), 225-245.
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Gopaul, B. (2015). Inequality and Doctoral Education: Exploring the “rules” of doctoral study through Bourdieu’s notion of field. Higher Education, 70(1),73-88.
Perna, L.W., Orosz, K*., Gopaul, B., Jumakulov, Z., Ashirbekov, A., & Kishkentayeva, M. (2014).
Promoting human capital development: A typology of international scholarship programs in higher
education. Educational Researcher, 43(2), 63-73.
Gopaul, B. (November 2013). “To Be or Not To Be a PhD”: Is that still the question? Academic Matters.
Seifert, T., Wells, R., Saunders, D. & Gopaul, B. (2013). Gender and unrealized expectations: A growing or diminishing gap? It depends on your definition.AIR Professional File, 134, 33-45.
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Gopaul, B. (2011). Distinction in Doctoral Education: Using Bourdieu’s tools to assess the socialization of doctoral students. Equity and Excellence in Education,44(1), 10-21.
Chambers, T. & Gopaul, B. (2008). Decoding the Public Good of Higher Education. The Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 12(4), 59-91.

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